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Interesting morning. Zoe got up on her hind legs and pushed the bathroom door open just before I got up. I keep it closed but not latched - closed because there's an annoying street lamp which shines through, not latched because I don't want to mess with finding the knob at 4 am.  After a careful inspection of the shower from the outside, she went away, I think. I know she wasn't there when I took a shower. Spook came in after, but didn't stay long.

The tire was back to being low, though not as low as it was before I pumped it up last night. So, off to America's Tire just the other side of the Sunnyvale-Mountain View border. 101 to Mathilda to El Camino to just past 237/Grant. It took an hour for them to get to my car, as predicted (the waiting room was pretty full), there was no wi-fi, so no way to let boss know I would be late. Laptop was useless.

The verdict was a torn sidewall, which didn't surprise me since I'd whacked it recently against a curb. Had them replace both front tires so they would be a matched set for steering. The didn't have the same series which was on the car, so I ended up paying $80 more for the next ones up. Just under $500 for everything.

At work by 10:30, boss was still out sick, I guess, because there was nothing from her, and she didn't show up for sync or cancel the calendar item.

I grabbed breakfast in the break room, took it to the hole where the automation test was still running. It ran all day. I got some feedback about a bug I filed for SP. They just wanted some answers which I thought would be in the bug report but were not.

Last night I watched the Siam Paragon live feed of the King's cremation, but it stopped before the cavalry procession which I really wanted to see and way before the actual cremation, which I think was at about 5 am my time. So as part of my Youtube testing I tried to find clips, but was not successful. Since I was in Thai mode, I punched in the name of the Masked Singer on google translate (they have a Thai on-screen keyboard) and discovered her name is Image Suthida. Some sleuthing shows she got to be a masked singer by coming in 2nd in the Thai version of The Voice a few years ago, Image is her stage name, her real name is Suthida Chanachaisuwan and while she has not cut a CD, her Voice clips and two songs she wrote went viral online.

Her first Masked Singer appearance

And here she has lost her round, and has to take off her disguise. Skip to 44:39 to hear a reprise by special request from the panel. The intervening Thai conversation she is crying because she is scared she won't remember the lyrics. I think. The audience & panel love her.

The new king of Thailand is the oldest son, but not oldest child, of the last king. Parliament had changed the laws of succession to allow his sisters to ascend to the throne, but the military dictators browbeat him into accepting the job. His father had named him heir, which surprised almost everyone. He has aged considerably this year, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, he's only 2 years younger than me. He is in really good shape, looks great in those uniforms.
Lunch was turkey pot pie. Only one person sat down in the break room while I was eating, a gorgeous blonde with beautiful long fingers. Tall, summer weight blouse, jeans.

Home, ignored the note to get a manicure, wanted to be home with the kitties before dark. Traffic said I made the wrong choice.

Zoe was on the carport window ledge in the laundry room - a 4' vertical jump. Spook doesn't jump up on things. Dinner time, when I got up to get drinks, Zoe curled up on the recliner seat. I put her on the arm rest, and she kept trying to climb onto the tray. I think she'll go for human food, and maybe milk. Used to be you had to buy special milk for cats which was lactose free, but that's all I buy now for me.

Spook has taken to hissing at her when she gets aggressive. It has been getting better, though. There is hope. But not enough hope to bring Zoe in for a vet visit when I take Spook Saturday.

Delivered was the 50mm f/1.4 AF-S G lens. It is quieter than the D, but I'm not so sure about the focus speed.

Also in the park mailbox was the rent, which was back to a reasonable summer electric bill. Quicken is now wanting "Check 21" checks, which my check printing software doesn't do. There's no reason for that, so once again I need to find an alternative to Quicken. But there doesn't seem to be one. Also wish Versacheck wasn't a pay-to-play biz model.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meet Janice for coffee
Home in the dark

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