Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Work Apnea

Up with the alarm, but not out of bed till 8. That muscle relaxant works subtly, but for a long time. I don't think it wore off till 6-ish when I was having a mocha with Janice. As a result, tonight's dose has been set aside. And that reminded me to ice my back, so am sitting with an ice pack behind me.

I have no idea where either cat spent the night. Not in the bedroom. Zoe continues to find more places to park.

Took back roads, the long way because the short way would have taken 2 traffic light cycles. At work just on time, breakfast grabbed, only a couple of people to dodge.

I filed a bug against the machine which kept rebooting, and messaged the guys next door to come diagnose it, but they never showed up at the hole today. One of them acknowledged the bug late in the day and assigned it to one of their experts. So I stopped that test run, and set up two machines which are similar make and version, but different model, and ran SP tests on them.

Somewhere in there I had lunch alone, more Safeway fried chicken & artichoke hearts & fudge mint cookies.

In the hole I tried to find things to keep me awake, but my eyes wanted to close every 5 minutes. Tried and failed to find the cavalry brigade on YouTube from yesterday's ceremonies, but did find a WTF - apparently staying up for the actual cremation would have been a wasted effort, because for some unknown reason, the government shut off the feed. There were a couple of cell phone photos but no official video.

I'm wondering if they didn't censor the equestrian princess. She's the daughter of the current king from a marriage which ended in divorce. It doesn't make her any less royal, but one never knows with this government.

I spent some time looking for Quicken alternatives, and decided Checksoft also needed replacing. I actually did find one for the latter, but it is designed to work with the former.

Since there was nothing more to work on, I left 15 minutes early to get to Starbucks on time early. Janice is still winding down from fire duty, by driving long distances to help the children of her friends deal with issues their parents ought to be dealing with. IMHO. In other words, she isn't winding down at all. I keep telling her to cool it, but she doesn't get it.

Home, even at 7:15 101 was borked. It cleared up after the 85 intersection, but most of the traffic continued to travel slowly, out of habit.

Neither cat was in sight, but eventually Zoe was discovered under the coffee table, and Spook came out when I fired up the TV. The Orville episode was a subtle attack on the last US Presidential election, extrapolating voting via social media into an Orwellian 1984 framework. For a change they avoided violence, for the most part. I really liked the eyes on the special guest star. Giorgia Whigham.
Was all set to watch Graham Norton, but his guests included Hillary Clinton. No thanks. I've seen enough of her entitled smirk for one lifetime. A shame, I usually love his show.
Got the cat carrier out of the shed and put it in the livingroom, open, so Spook would get used to it. Zoe found it and curled up inside it instead. She came out when I re-filled her canned food dish.

Dinner was Marie C beef something. Ice cream. Cola.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent check
Spook to the vet
Look some more for Quicken/Checksoft alternatives

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