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Yes, I stayed in bed till 10. I hadn't planned to. I expected to get up around 9, drop off the rent by 10, do some minor shopping (kleenex, chocolate chip cookie dough, hummingbird feeder), watch some college football and then take Spook to the vet for her annual checkup & rabies shot.

But what actually happened is I parked in front of the PC for a while, then watched some football, and kept an eye on Zoe, who was sleeping under the coffee table. The rug is not flat under there, and she fits between the curves.

Took a glass of cola and a piece of chicken out onto the porch and called it lunch.

Back inside, about 1:30, Zoe was now curled up in Spook's cat carrier in the livingroom. Spook was guarding the porch from one of the cat trees.

2 pm, Zoe had moved to the laundry room, I put Spook into the carrier after some minor objections on her part, and drove to the vet, which is only a couple of miles away. I was 15 minutes early but the vet tech took us in quickly, then there was a 20 minute wait for the vet. Spook was pronounced healthy, she didn't even flinch at the shot, and was eager to get back into the carrier to go home. She meowed on the way there a little bit, was quiet on the way back.

Spook hid in a closet for a couple of hours as I did some things online (gave positive feedback on eBay to the lens seller, compared the ingredients in the Royal Canin food the Humane Society uses and the Purina One which Nine Lives shelter recommends. The RC food looked slightly better, but not $15 for a 3-lb bag compared to $12 for a 7-lb bag better. The last of the 16-lb bag of Purina went into the food tower last night. Even with 2 cats, 7# will last a while.

Out on the porch again, but no hummer action, so I got off my butt and drove to Lowe's and bought a pair of feeders similar to the one which broke. And kleenex. Then on to Safeway for tollhouse cookie dough, and a handful of other things on my B list, like Chinese mustard, cole slaw mix, American cheese and egg nog. Before shopping I dropped off the rent, and saw that the halloween dinner was well-attended with lots of costumes.

Back home, dinner was some turkey sausage slices, cole slaw and a piece of sourdough. I baked both batches of tollhouse cookies, then settled down in the recliner to watch Tivo, the UCLA-UW game. A big surprise is they unveiled a very life-like statue of Don James, with Warren Moon in attendance. The UCLA head coach had played under James, but decided to stay with his team and text Mrs. James. The game was even through the first half, then the Huskies showed up and buried UCLA.

And while I was watching, this happened:

She clawed her way up the side of the recliner, and after a few tries at awkward positions, settled into this one. When I got up 90 minutes later, she was mostly asleep, and took over the seat.

Meanwhile, Spook has recaptured the master bathroom.

Complete with Halloween eyes.

It's late, I took my meds, gave the cats treats, packed the cookies in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer. Earlier I filled the hummer feeders and hung them outside, made another batch of cole slaw and now I need to enter my card charges into Quicken, for which I did not make time today to find a replacement.

Listening to KGO on the drive home, I was infuriated to hear talk show host John Rothmann repeating over and over again that Russia had "interfered" in the last election. No one interfered. To interfere they would have had to do something which prevented the voting process to take place - such as hack into county auditor databases, send sleeper cells out in force to fraudulently vote (or as Chicago was famous for, use names from gravestones to register voters), or massive bribery, block polling places, hide or destroy ballots, etc.

None of that took place.

Nobody was prevented from voting by the Russians. Nobody's vote was coerced by the Russians. All that happened was Russia launched a propaganda campaign - in other words, they advertised. And don't give me the "fake news" cry, every candidate and every PAC lies during an election campaign. We heard from Merkel, May, Abe, that Canadian pretty boy - virtually every foreign leader in the first world - early and often. The Russians were merely more organized. And if you think the Trump voter base listened to what Russia had to say, you're not paying attention.
Plans for tomorrow:
Hang with the cats, mostly. Watch football. Make clever comments on FB.
Maybe enjoy the summer weather

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