Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

And things were going so well...

Totally did not want to wake up this morning when Spook jumped onto the bed. It was about 8 am or so, I think. Feeling very unmotivated, probably because there was nothing I needed to do - it all was done yesterday. 

It was cloudy and cool this morning so I fired up the oven and baked 2 packages of Pepperidge Farms apple turnovers. I managed to only eat three today. Five are ziplocked and in the fridge for lunches.

Lunch was the last of the current batch of cole slaw - don't worry, I made more, a small smoked turkey drumstick and some mixed veggies. 

Spent some time on the porch, but it was too cold & windy. Watched Spook and Zoe go a couple of rounds of "getting to know you". Zoe growls, getting louder the closer Spook comes. Spook replies with a threatening meow of her own, and then either walks past, or lunges at Zoe, who either swats at Spook or runs away. Spook has transitioned from "let's be friends" to "You don't mess around with Spook" to the tune of a familiar Jim Croce song.

The good news is 90% of the day they ignore each other.

Lunchtime was watch the 49ers lose another game time. It is now perfectly clear that the new management & coach traded away key players (who are now starring on other teams) and did not find ready-for-prime-time replacements. And it's also clear the team has lost its will to win.

After the game I stayed in the recliner with a glass of egg cream and then a glass of egg nog (had to dig through the spice cabinet for the nutmeg) and took a nap. Zoe climbed up the arm of the recliner and curled up under my right arm. And purred. Spook came by after a while and started a staring contest, and then got up on her hind legs and swatted at Zoe with her front paws until I shooed her away. Zoe went back to her hiding place under the coffee table.

Now awake, I loaded the dishwasher and took out the garbage. Had to unplug the car and move it back to make room for the bins to pass.

Sunset, there were enough pretty clouds to sit on the porch again. Only one hummingbird. More of the saffron crocuses are coming up, I need to find out when to harvest the saffron. I can see it in the center of some of the flowers. In other gardening news, I watered the front garden, and was pleased that most of the border plants have spread out, and some are flowering a brilliant violet. A few have died, maybe I'll buy some more. Indoors I tossed all the Venus fly traps, they have nothing to eat. Watered the smaller plants, probably should do the hanging plants too.

Dinner was overcooked beef pot pie, apple turnover a la mode for dessert.

Turned on Tivo and played the Sunday Night Football game, which was frustrating because both teams would make an amazing play, then not follow up. And as usual, Collingsworth's annoying voice would not stop spewing. But I was being held captive - Zoe jumped up on the side table and picked her way through the junk to curl up under my left arm. She took three or four tries to find the most comfortable position. Spook stayed in the master bathroom, parked on the mat near the shower.

After the game I got up, giving Zoe full use of the recliner where she is still curled up. Went into the master bathroom because this morning the toilet didn't flush completely, and I wanted to plunger it. Which I did. And it backed up, spilling over the rim. It took two mops and a bucket to stabilize, and then I went to the shed and got the heavy-duty snake. It only took a few seconds of snaking to clear the blockage.

Annoying, not surprising - this has happened before.

Now the bath mats are in the washer, the floor is mostly dry, Spook has long since relocated to the office (and is now just outside the door). Zoe didn't leave the recliner.

When I'm done here I'll pine sol the bathroom floor.

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