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Same old same old, with a medium dose of sciatica. Took the bathroom rugs out of the dryer and put them back where they belonged. Spook liked that.

Nothing special at work until lunchtime, when the entire break room was occupied by people speaking Hebrew. Usually there is a sign on the catered food table saying who the setup is for, but not this time. I decided not to try my limited language skills. They were late, and they were not cleaning up after themselves. I read Ivanhoe for about 15 minutes until my table was free. Thai coconut chicken and tollhouse cookies.

My lunch box is messed up where the lining meets the zipper, so I ordered another one. Blue or green cost $2 more than grey, red cost $3 more. I got the grey. Also in my cart was a cheerleader calendar, so that's also on its way. Almost ordered a 3# bag of walnuts, but the price has gone up a lot. Almost went to the company store at lunchtime for a phone/tablet holder, but it was cold and looking like rain and my jacket was in the lab.

Home on time. Traffic was okay, but still took 40 minutes.

Put the portable air pump back into the shed, took the snake out of the bath tub and outside and hosed it down, then put it back in the shed.

Zoe was under the table, Spook was on the bathroom rug by the shower. Both of them visited the food/water/treats and the litterbox.

When I sat down to watch the end of Monday Night Football, eventually Zoe climbed up onto my lap - or actually onto the recliner arm and curled up inside my arm. She is so tiny! If I push on the pad of her front paw to make the claws come out (I wanted to see how badly they need a trim) she grabs my hand with the other set of claws, and nibbles on my fingernail.

Dinner was in three parts. Cup of noodles as soon as I was back from the shed, then the last piece of Safeway fried chicken, and finally ice cream.

This time Zoe didn't take the seat when I got up, she parked herself in the middle of the livingroom rug. Spook had moved to the doggie bed in the bedroom.

In sports news, the 49ers fired the QB who was supposed to save the team, and traded a 2nd round pick to the Patriots for their backup QB. What they really need is an offensive front line, and receivers who don't oil their gloves. That's a baseball joke.

The Quicken saga continues. Today I received two Quicken 2018 upgrade disks. I'm using 2016 right now. Browsed the web, and there is no up side to upgrading, and a major down side - they have gone to subscription and cloud emphasis. Unfortunately, most of the advice is stay with the old versions, nobody likes the alternatives. But most of the commenters were doing more than personal finances. Small business and rental stuff.

Plans for tomorrow:
Same same, minus the football


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