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That's over, finally

I am not a baseball fan. I used to be, but then the Giants and the Dodgers moved to California, and we moved to Seattle.
Up a little early again this morning, and was clicking along well until I sat down to FB and there were all the costumes. Next thing I knew it was 8:45 and I was just packing lunch.

Got to work almost on time. Had the building to myself again. Spent most of the day deep diving into a new-to-me test app, and though it is a new release, it's mostly the same piece of crap, I bet, from 5 years ago. It took me a while to figure out its many idiosyncrasies, and once I did that I hated it even more.

Lunchtime was by myself plus a bored and put-upon security drone. Google has decided that there needs to be a security person in the building, and they sit at the one break room table which faces the side door most of the tour groups come in by. And most of the people attending all-day events. They started doing this a month or so ago, but it has been intermittent. We're not talking about a guard, this is a person with a walkie-talkie and maybe a laptop, mostly there to give directions, look for badge-less visitors and call for backup.

My ophthalmologist's office called, they had intercepted the appointment my GP had made, and changed it to the right one with my eye doctor. Another case of Kaiser being too efficient - GPs of all diabetics get an alert to schedule patients for routine screenings. I was due for the full exam. I had the routine screening about 15 years ago. 

Today's YouTube was the formal intro of the 49ers' new QB. He is quite handsome, and well-spoken. He went to the same college as Tony Romo. Also saw Wendy Williams describe her collapse during yesterday's show. She thinks it was the heat of the costume she was wearing, but it was a standard statue of liberty dress, no warmer than what she wears day to day. I'm blaming the crash diet - she has lost a lot of weight.
Manicure after work. I was 5 minutes early, nails gal was in the middle of another one, 20 minutes till she got to me. I had nowhere else to go, so no biggie.

Home, delivered were the replacement lunch box, and two cold pack boxes from Fedex. I opened them first. I thought my sister was sending me a handful of insulin pens, but what she sent will last me at least a year, I think. The expiration dates range from a year from now to 2020. Bad timing on my part, because I just bought a 3-month supply of regular, have about 2 month's of high-test, and a 3-4 month supply of syringes.

Cat report:
Zoe started the morning on the top tier of the office tree, but was out of sight most of the day. Right now she is curled up behind me in the spare office chair. Spook was mostly out of sight, with some time on the futon. When I got home, she was in the livingroom inching her way closer to Zoe, both of them making rude noises. At some point Spook chased Zoe under the table.

I think in an other week, Zoe will give in to the inevitable and accept Spook as the alpha. Or at least as a playmate.

Dinner was meatish swedeballs and cole slaw. Halvah for dessert.

Watched PTI, and Graham Norton - amazing show with Jane Fonda who looks way too good to be 2 months shy of 80. Nicole Kidman, that Breaking Bad Cranston guy, some other movie star who is in Kidman's latest indie film, and the guy I like in Dr. Who.

As soon as that was done, Tivo put me into Sports Central, just in time for the interview with the MVP of the Astros. Now Houston can go back to flood cleanup.

Plans for tomorrow:
San Mateo, have dinner with nephew

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