Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Out of Sync

It was kind of boring so I did what I was avoiding having to do and created a spreadsheet which listed all the manual Android open source tests with some details and comments. Took all morning.

Lunch was 5-grain beef, artichoke hearts and cookies. A few people were there, but no eye candy or speaking in tongues.

Back to the hole, expected Boss to come down for sync to talk about the spreadsheet and the Sekret Projekt. But she didn't. So I watched some I Can See Your Voice - Thailand which had more than the usual number of noise makers. And I finally saw that I was mis-hearing the word for "not pretty". It's "pee-an" which means distorted and not "siang" which means a sound. Thai has many letters which look a lot alike, and one of them can be a p, l or s, depending on a little curve or a long/short left-hand line:

Now I'm wondering where I got "s" from. Hmmmm.

Eventually YouTube made it to a compilation of this season's winners. I'd seen a lot of them before. The reaction of the panelists is priceless when someone who looks like a noise maker turns out to be a good singer. It only takes a few notes to know. Today's favorite for me was this well-costumed couple singing  I See The Light from the Disney animated flick Tangled. I had previously put that movie on my Amazon watch list, for some other reason.

The man's name tag transliterates as Peter, Hers is Oper. She has a bit more Thai accent than he does. After this clip, they introduced themselves as college voice teachers, and "just friends".

I hung around work till 6:15, then got on the freeway north to San Mateo. It was pretty clear sailing in the commuter lane up until 8 miles from the destination, and then it took 20 minutes to go the rest of the way, all lanes were borked.

Got to the hotel half an hour early, sat down in the lobby with my tablet until 7:25, texted my nephew, and he showed up right away. He was on his way anyway.

We drove to town, waited for half an hour for a seat in a noisy crowded little noodle place. Ramen Dojo. Very limited menu, quick service, especially the check, which was on the table almost as soon as the food. Truly mediocre noodles, not worth the wait. Not worth going to at all.

Got caught up with nephew, who is here for "corporate culture" training for his new job. He has given up on being a manager, and defense contracting and is now working for a data crunching service based in San Mateo, but in their DC area office, near where he lives.

Home in about 30 minutes, lots of slow traffic caused by stupidity and inertia. A car in 2nd gear tends to stay in second gear - Newton.

Delivered was a bunch of stuff from jet.com. They have mended their ways, and learned how to pack in right-sized boxes with enough filler.

Plans for tomorrow:

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