Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Breathing Would Be Nice

Took a muscle relaxant pill last night - actually after 2 am because I stayed up late reading and noticed my tablet had the time an hour earlier than the two clocks in the bedroom. And the cell phone, when I looked. So I did the clock tour. Used to be all my clock radios were internet, and they made the change automatically,  but those stopped being supported, and I have since chained three wi-fi speakers to Tune-In for my radio entertainment, but they don't have displays.

So, the Bose by the bed, battery one in the shower, plug in on the bathroom vanity, big number ones by the TVs in the bedroom and livingroom, plug-in one in the guest bathroom which had a DT/DST switch, which was in the wrong position. Two microwaves and the oven. Office and kitchen clocks, and finally the big travel clock in the office, which did have a DT/DST setting which worked.

The clock in the car is internetted, but the modem is broken so I don't know if it has changed. I stayed inside all day.

Woke up at noon. had trouble breathing, the shower didn't help as much as usual. I did my computer stuff then went back to bed till 2. Looked up the side effects to the muscle relaxant, they matched what I was experiencing, wrote a message to my doctor.

Watched the 49ers lose again. It took a long time, so I was able to bake two sheets of cookies and still spend most of the day in the recliner. Spook and Zoe kept their distance, from each other too. I could have used a lap cat, but neither of them was interested. Maybe it was the wet washcloth on my head.

After the 9ers game, and a quarter of the Raiders game, it felt like nap time, so I took a nap for about an hour.

Somewhere in there I tried to have combo fried rice for lunch, but wasn't hungry. I did manage about half a dozen cookies, though. Hgl was much more under control than expected. Too late for dinner.

Took all my meds on time, plus aspirin and ibuprofen. Feels like my face is sunburned, but my thermometer says temp is normal.

I really hope a good night's sleep will fix me. Big day for the Sekret Projekt, eye doctor late afternoon, and quick trip to Kaiser's business office to show them the stack of mail I'm not supposed to be getting.

No word from Janice this weekend, probably doing Red Cross or social work up north. She emails a calendar from time to time, but the last one ended last month.

Did not take out the garbage or recycles or break down a pile of shipping boxes. Not feeling up to it. And my pants are off.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work if I feel well enough. Kaiser if not.
Ophthalmology appointment.
Business office.

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