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Boo Hiss. Another one bites the dust

Got woefully turned around tonight on my way to Valley Fair mall, and found myself on Bascom by SJ College, passing the Espresso Garden, one of my favorite folk-ish venues. And it had brown paper wrapping in all the windows. Checked their web site and they have gone bye-bye.

Instead of the 666 events Douglas planned for me, I went to the mall. It has both a McDonald's and a Starbucks, but I only made a token visit to them. On the way I made a quick pilgrimage to Satanic Santana Row.

The reason for the mall trip was to replace the broken back plate on my cell phone. Got a pretty blue face plate/back plate set with dolphins and whales on it. Now the back plate does not come off by itself, like it kept doing in Seattle. Inconvenient when the battery falls out during a call, what?

Had dinner at Ivar's, Dungeness crab Caesar salad, clam chowder, iced tea. And then went downstairs and around the corner from Starbucks for ice cream at the Ghirardelli stand. That was fairly sinful.

Did the bike/light rail thing to work today, rode a little at lunch (racked up about 4 miles, counting the trip to work), and took light rail towards home, getting off at NASA, because (a) there were too many bikes on board and it was getting awkward and (b) it's a safe & easy 2 miles home from there and (c) I needed the exercise. Total of about 6.5 miles, I think.

Plan for tomorrow is similar, but this time I'll ride all the way to downtown MV for the monthly Peace Corps hangout. Easy 1-mile ride home along Central Expressway afterwards. Will probably take a later train in hopes of less bike foo.

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