Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

doo doo has felt better than this

The day started slowly, took my time packing the lunchbox. 101 traffic was light all the way at 9.

!@#$%^ Security locked the door again, and the other group don't work Fridays. Did not have a number to call, so put m stuff in front of the door and walked around back. slowly.

Had some showstoppers, but eventually everything came together, and then hit more showstoppers.

Lunchtime was quiet, PNB&J sandwich was too dry, microwave helped some.

voicemail from two people at the meal delivery place. Just PR. Voicemail when I got back to the hole from my social worker, we had a good chat. I really should have asked about housekeeping.

Faded more and more as the afternoon wore on. Some dizziness, lots of coughing. All better once in the driver's seat.

Home, lots of peeing. Face was on fire, cold washcloth helped.

Watched Graham Norton. stunning dress on the super-model, Cara Delevingne, may be Mimi Tran's collection.

Steamed 3 pork buns for dinner, barely got through 1.

Zoe has been parking herself in Spook's favorite places. This can cause major caterwauling.

Going to try to sleep. Hgl level is good. Should measure BP - ordered a new BT BP meter.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay in bed and recliner as much as possible.

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