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Wearing Pants against my will

The plan was to stay in bed a lot, but since I was up in time to play Nancie's pie segment almost in real time I did that. Nancie is never disappointing, she always sparkles, but the Hallmark producers really truncated the making of persimmon pie to the point where you couldn't make it at home from what little they showed. They left out how to get the persimmons from fruit to puree, not an easy process. And she had a crumble topping to sprinkle over the top which was just whipped out of the fridge, sparse directions. But what made me actually angry is while she is showing off this fall/Thanksgiving treat, the whole set is done up for Jesus Day, and the segment following her was how to make a reindeer & sled decoration for the yard or garden.

Doctor didn't call by 11:15 so I returned the home health nurse's call. I need to change carriers, AT&T almost always sends my calls to voicemail, and it's a pain in the butt to return a call to my doctor. She called as I was wrapping up with nurse, but I didn't catch it in time.

She tried again about 1:30, got VM, I called the appointments/advice line, they got me to Doc's office, and I just sat on speaker until doc was off her next call.

I sounded so scattered.

Side effect of the heart foo & meds is some serious brain-mouth disconnect.

Watched an amazing episode of Graham Norton, he had most of the top billed cast of Murder on the Orient Express. A Sir,  a Dame, a Michelle, an Olaf and Johnny Depp. All of them somewhat mischievous. The musical guest was Just Plain Weird without nearly enough talent for that crowd.

Watched the 49ers post game press conference. Coach is boring.

The upshot of talk with nurse is Healthy Choice meals are mostly within my 500 mg limit, but 100mg either way is okay. So I went to Safeway's shopping page and looked, and was about to order a bunch of stuff to be delivered, but they didn't have any delivery slots available today.

So that set the gears in motion. Put on a T-shirt & pants, and a light jacket. Brought the garbage bins and mail in, and drove to my favorite Safeway. Got bananas, grapes, monster limes, cuties, sodium free OJ, all the Smuckers sugar free flavors, cat treats, and then headed for the frozen food aisle and could not find the Healthy Choice items. It looked like maybe they no longer carried them. But no, thet were right up front, the packaging has changed from mostly green to mostly white. Bought a bunch of those.

Paid, saw some watermelon on the way out I would have preferred to have seen on the way in. Another time.

It was a lot of work.

Home, pooped. Reclinered for about half an hour before putting things away. Had a couple of cuties. And some grapes. And some Simply Orange.

Sometime in early afternoon, Zoe came out of hiding and flopped on the livingroom floor in front of me, playing with the toys. Mostly a crocheted ball, but anything else which came within reach. After she tired out, I picked her up and she snuggled in the crook of my arm for about an hour.
Coughing a lot. Should not be.

Watched most of the Carolina-Miami game. Miami lived up to their abbreviation - MIA.

Two episodes of an Ancestry.com sponsored show called Lost Lives. Each episode tries to hook up adopted adults with biological family. One bizarre case, brothers who had been separated at birth each independently found out through research that their father had murdered the twin of the older brother. The program got them connected via DNA samples, and discovered that (1) they shared a mother (2) had different fathers (3) the guy who killed the twin was not either one's biological father. Oddly enough, neither brother seemed interested in finding Mom. The show host dropped a hint that he knew what had happened to her...

It seems Antiques Roadshow is mostly reruns, with prices updated for closer to the present. :-(

Tivo's new UI is annoying, but I've stumbled on some neat shortcuts they have added. Want to toggle closed captions? Hi the "i" button. What could be less intuitive?

Plans for tomorrow:
More rest
Try to ramp up to get back to work Wednesday. aka my birthday. No cake this time.

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