Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Moving up to underpants

So today was almost normal. The cough is still there, but isn't going into spasms like yesterday.

Very frustrated with the cell phone problem, so I drove to the Sprint store, and after wasting about 45 minutes with the rep setting up an account, he declared that my Samsung Galaxy S8 wouldn't work on their network, and offered to sell me one of theirs.

On to Verizon, where it took about the same amount of time amidst a LOUD under construction storefront. Got the number transferred, but the phone is acting like it is locked to AT&T. :-(

Home, checked the AT&T site, it said the phone isn't registered on their network. Did a factory reset, no change.

I put the SIM in my Huawei, and it showed the Verizon network but no cell connection. Old Verizon Galaxy S6 looked like it came up okay, but I didn't get past the Verizon logo - not sure it connected.

I'm keeping it in the Huawei for now, the factory reset effed up all my settings, email, etc. on the Samsung.

Watched the recording of Sunday Night Football, Patriots vs Denver. Broncos played much better than the score indicated. It was not a bad game. Watched in small bits, between other things.

Healthy Choice lemon pepper fish for lunch before going outside. Part 2 of Nancie's Home & Garden appearance was "on the couch" with the whole cast. She was asked about what pies could be frozen.

An episode of Shark Tank. Nothing I would buy.

Tried to continue reading  Eejit (The Final Fall of Man Book 1) by Andrew Hindle, but the author got caught in loops trying to have characters explain their circular reasonings instead of just telling the story.  And he doesn't seem to know what the story is, exactly.

Next up is The Girl In Between by Laekan Zea Kemp, one page read, so far so good. Very catchy hook.

Delivered was #1 of 2 flower essence infusions allegedly good for calming the cats. I rubbed some on my hands and from there to Zoe. It said to also put some in their water, which I did way later.

Did not lose any weight today. Been sipping more, snacking more, peeing less.
Plans for tomorrow:
lunchtime - Verizon store near work, try to get the phone thing fixed.
Free drink @ Starbucks - make it a small one
I'll be 67. How did that happen?
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