Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Back 2 Work, and Verizon

Up with the alarm, pretended that all was normal.

Zoe had knocked a planter off the kitchen table, dirt all over the place by the porch door. She supervised as I swept it up.

It was raining a bit as I took back roads to work - sure cut down on the bikers. Picked up breakfast, but they were out of the new drink I like, so I tried a mango LaCroix which tasted fine at first, but after 10 minutes was like battery acid with bubbles.

Got a lot of work done, ran a subset of the automation script which had failed Friday, it worked fine. After a factory reset, the Aussie device worked like a champ, so there was a lot of re-testing to do.

Interrupted that at noon, drove to the nearest Verizon store (they were under construction too!) where a tech was unable to get my AT&T phone to connect to their network. All the bits looked right, but no joy.

So I bought one of their phones, it worked great, but now I have a lot of work to do. Voicemail is set up, so is my ringtone. And webcam app. But email is not importing from backup.

Back at work, middle sister called to sing me a bad rendition of happy birthday. Baby sister sent email. So did big sister. And a friend in Oregon whose birthday is also this week.

Tons of messages on Facebook.

New phone reminded me it was manicure day. I left a few minutes early, and was taken right away. I got silver gel color.

Next door to Safeway, bought an ice cream cake.

Home, Hgl was low, so had a piece of ice cream cake.

PTI & Shark Tank, & news. Not much news, mostly the weather north of SF and follow up on the fire, and a wee bit on the shooting where we discover that the guy who liked to shoot things in his yard at all hours wasn't supposed to have guns. And the insane guy who walked out of the asylum in Hawaii was caught in Stockton. There was nothing insane about his well-planned escape, and he obviously had help. But the reporters didn't think about that.

Dinner was Healthy Choice something with a lot of potatoes, some corn & beef. Not bad. And a couple of cookies.

Took out the vacuum and cleaned up the rest of the planter dirt. Zoe ran away. So did Spook.

The cough continues. Very annoying.

Plans for tomorrow:
Doctor at 10
Spend some time restoring the new phone
Maybe list the AT&T one on eBay as a locked phone
Maybe attend a talk at JPL local office

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