Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Started the very rainy dark morning taking mostly back roads to the clinic. Got there early enough to have blood drawn - once for hospital follow-up and once for the research data bank. Ran out of blood in my left arm during the final vial, had to be poked in the other arm. Tech said it was probably me being dehydrated.

Up to the doc's office about 10 minutes early, she was running 20 minutes late. All hospital survivors, she said. Bottom line is I am fine, weight, BP and Hgl down, lungs clear. But the she slapped a mask on me because that cough means I caught a cold. She recommended Tussin, which I had been taking with very little effect.

Onward to work, where I bricked a streaming media box installing new firmware. Drove up to the main building, the program manager for that box resurrected it, and bricked it again with the same bits I had used. He switched to a different source tree and go it going with developer code.

Took it back to the hole, and started testing. Left it finishing up Ant Man, it should be in screen saver when I get in tomorrow to run the rest of the tests.

Wanted to go to the JPL meetup, but it didn't start till 7:30, and I really didn't want to infect all those people. Also didn't feel up to 10:30 go home time on a work night. So, home, dinner, plus a tiny piece of ice cream cake. And watched football.

Plans for tomorrow:

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