Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shoes & Socks

With the cold & wet weather, wearing sandals has given way to socks & shoes. Thought about socks & sandals, but socks get wet that way.

Up & out on time, AG called as I was finishing packing lunch, but he hung up - probably realized it was too early. I called him back when I hit the road. The car's BT was wonky, while there was a good phone signal all the way, the BT kept disconnecting & reconnecting. Fixed that, I think, when I got to the parking lot - the AT&T phone was still on the list in the car unit, same make & model, probably confused it.

Picked up breakfast, then to the hole - the door was latched again. :-(
Went to call security to let me in, but somehow the number, which I had entered into the AT&T phone and should have been restored to the Verizon phone was not. So had to walk up the hill & through the (wet) bushes to the back door.

Engineers had left email with a fix for the 2-day automation run which had not been working, so I set that up and it ran. Moved my favorite TV monitor to where I could use it with the formerly bricked device, and spent all day testing that. Massively slow unit, some of the games and apps wouldn't play. Will probably be asked Monday to collect some logs.

Lunch was 2 PNB&J sandwiches on Health Nut bread, one strawberry the other blackberry. 30 seconds in the microwave helps make them more edible.

A couple of cookies and some grapes for dessert.

Continued reading The Girl In Between by Laekan Zea Kemp, and it keeps getting better. Writing style moves along quickly, though the chapters are very short. It's predictable in an outline sort of way, but not in specifics.

Local "news" is much more predictable. At least 40% is the weather, another 40% is fire follow-up. Low hanging fruit. They had a heavily edited in-jail interview with the guy who escaped from an insane asylum, with enough information to know he had a lot of help. $6k in cash, several fake IDs, street clothes.

Watched the latest The Orville. A lot of the cast had a chance to act outside the box, and the hot little number who is the security chief was the lead character. She was out of uniform a lot. The final tag scene she was in jammies.

When I got home, Zoe was in the carport window. I picked her up and cuddled, and brought her to the recliner, but she's always aware of Spook, so she bailed after a minute or so.

Dinner was Healthy Choice meat loaf, and a small slice of ice cream cake. I lost 2 more pounds this morning...

Last night I took half a dose of Nyquil, and today had some Dayquil, they help with the cough a lot more than tussin.

Plans for tomorrow:
Relax. Maybe coffee with Janice, depends on her schedule. I'm booked for Sunday afternoon
Whip up some tuna salad
Maybe shopping.

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