Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I really wanted to stay inside today

but I had this recipe for tuna salad, one of the few foods I actually liked in the hospital, but had no celery. So after breakfast (a banana) I headed to Grocery Outlet and bought celery, scallions, red onions, and 12 cans of tuna, 4 each of 3 brands, which had lower sodium than what I had at home, relish and mayo. Turns out the real mayo is lower in sodium than the "light" mayo, and the diff in calories is not significant in tuna salad.  

This triggered the need to make more chicken soup (my stash is down to one serving) so I also got green peas & yellow onions. Impulse buys: grapes, tangerines, mini-watermelons, OJ. Also found 4 lunch/dinner frozen meals within the sodium range.

They didn't have low sodium chicken broth, but I use enough chicken to not need it.

Brought Zoe into the livingroom a couple of times from her carport ledge perch, but she has been trained to be wary of Spook, who would chase her back to the ledge. Spook won't jump that high.

Almost went out again for gasoline, but I'll be out and about tomorrow.

Sat in the recliner a lot with football games on the TV, mostly to sit quietly. Went out on the porch at sundown and admired the pretty colors, and saw a honey bee get drunk at the hummingbird feeder, and a hummer shoo it away. Refilled two of the 3 feeders. It was very mild and calm outside.

Lots of rain this week, I need to cut back the roses Real Soon Now. Maybe next week, when I get two more unpaid holidays.

Got a "not a bill" from Kaiser, I owe them $200 for the ambulance. When they bill me.

Also got a "not a bill" from my home insurance company.

Delivered was one of two packets of seeds. Oats, this time. A mixture is due soon. Planted some of the seeds in the cats' green stuff container. There should be enough to put on the floor for them in a few days.

The chicken soup features bay leaves, Thai lime leaves, basil, oregano and mint all home grown. I have a ton of rosemary, but I think that's too heavy for chicken (save it for beef). I should probably crumble in some thyme from the kitchen table. There isn't much left.

Still coughing, but not much, and rarely choking. I should be good for Avenue Q tomorrow.

All out of Tivo recordings, except for the 2nd half of the Big Game (Cal @ Stanford).

Made 8 tuna salad sandwiches, 4 on wheat and 4 on sourdough and froze them.

Stirred up a new bottle of Laura Scudders crunchy peanut butter. Made up one small container of PNB&J.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
2:30 matinée Sunnyvale Avenue Q. Hang around about half an hour while friends get out of costume and put their puppets away
5:30 meet Janice at downtown Starbucks
put some gas into the car
Maybe make some more PNB&J cups

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