Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Second Saturday

Except for taking out the garbage at the end of the day, this felt like a second Saturday, as in I don't really want to go to work tomorrow. But I will.

Fitful sleep, about half because of the cough and half from the usual needing to get up and pee. I kept asking Google Home what time it was. I was up about once an hour starting at 4 am. The sciatica was not helping, but doc's suggestion to put a pillow between my knees helped.

Spook jumped onto the bed and meowed at me, but would not let me pet her, at about 5:30 and again an hour later. And was more insistent at 8 or so. My alarm was set for 9, and I managed to not get up for reals till then.

Full morning routine, including socks.

Banana for breakfast. Tuna salad for lunch, plus a couple of tangerines. And a slice of ice cream cake.

Took about an hour and broke down a month's worth of shipping boxes and paper taped them together for recycling. That's about 42 ft. of space at the end of the kitchen freed up. And less fun for the cats.

Let the chicken soup cool, ladled it into 6 freezer containers, two went into the fridge. Opened the freezer and found there were three containers of chicken soup still there from March. Senioritis strikes again.

1:30, drove to my favorite el cheapo gas station and spent $15 on 5 gallons of gas. That brought the car up to 3/4 full. I expect that the car will now hard-code itself for the gas engine for a day or two, bypassing the battery. 50-50 chance.

From there to Sunnyvale Theater, 1:45 was early for a 2:30 curtain, but I was surprised at how few cars were in the lot for a sold-out show with a fairly large cast & crew. Hung around the lake, admired the teal water coming out of the fountains. Did not admire the garbage birds - huge numbers of Canada geese & seagulls have invaded. Plus some mud hens & mallards. The city used to have swan decoys which kept the geese away.

2:15, checked into the theater, waited in the lobby because I had an end-row seat. Was pleasantly surprised by Kiki, who was in Oliver with me in 1984. She was old then. I think she's in her 90's. She is somehow related to PW, who is in the cast and was in Brigadoon with me a few years ago. PW's mom was there too.

Lots of audience members were let in after the show started, in the dark. Most of them in the 2 rows in front of me. House Manager FAIL. :-(

Avenue Q was showing some of the results of a lucrative run of Fiddler. Professional program, large set. But that's where it ended. Costumes were mostly street clothes. I knew three other cast members, and that made the show surreal. It's supposed to be a puppet show. In the touring company I saw a few years ago in SF, the cast members who had puppets wore black, and the show was lit to make the puppets the main characters. There are three characters who do not have puppets, two of them have costumes and one is supposed to be in ratty street clothes.

Anyhow, this production made no attempt to hide the fact that the cast were real people, nobody was in blacks, lighting was full stage, spotlights hit the actors as well as the puppets. PW and DM played the "I'm not gay" couple, and I didn't really notice their puppets at all. They may as well have played it without them. DW and I have been in a few shows, Jekyll & Hyde I think was the first one. There are two "care bears" and one of those was puppeteered by BT, who was in Anything Goes with me. I kept seeing him (and the very cute girl who operated the second care bear) when I should have been seeing the puppets. And so on.

It was a good cast. Everyone had the voice for the part(s). Kate Monster's puppet looked wrong - it was an ordinary character puppet, not a furry monster puppet. Looking at images online, it seems they were given a threadbare well-used puppet. It didn't work, there are too many lines & songs around how Kate is different. And the Trekkie Monster by contrast was a very furry monster-ish puppet with horns.

I know all the songs, and most of the lines. A lot of the impact of the show is the element of surprise in the lyrics and lines, so that dulled the effect.

Choreography was Just Plain Stupid™. When in doubt, do the Rockettes line kick. It got old fast.

The director added a few bits, having things handed up from the pit, turning Christmas Eve's duet with Kate When You Ruv Someone into a lounge singer solo with Kate singing backup. I think it's more effective with Kate taking the final verse. OTOH, Kate's It's a Fine, Fine Line was done solo, her moment to shine, made my eyes leak.

All in all, "worth matinée senior price", as they say. As always, worth supporting my friends, and my local community theater.

Expected to wait a long time for the cast to come out, but they were in the lobby before I was. Hugged all my friends except BT, who passed right by without seeing me. Had a chance to thank some of the other cast members. And hug Kiki again.

On to downtown, got to Starbucks at 5:15, Janice was 10 minutes late. We had a good chat. She's planning a trip to Bhutan.

Home, turned on the playback of the Raiders-Patriots Mexico City game, heated up a Healthy Choice beef merlot dinner, cut another slice of ice cream cake (2 more to go), and made lime soda. Took Zoe off her perch and guarded her from Spook while she ate some kibble & treats, but she wouldn't stay with me on the recliner, even after I spritzed Domino away. Put some herbal stuff on some treats and gave them to her on the perch, we'll see if that helps any.

Got disgusted with the Raiders at about the 2-minute warning for Act I.

Took out the garbage & recycle bins & the very large bundle of cardboard.

Delivered this morning was my subscription to Werther's sugar free caramels, a packet of alfalfa seeds and one of wheat. Those two latter items will be in the cat greens pot after the oats in there now sprout.

Delivered this evening was a set of 3 Amazon echo dots, which will be going back tomorrow. Weird, Amazon returns thinks they arrived in 2 packages, but they were in only 1. The reason they are going back is I thought they were portable, but they need to stay plugged in. I have three Fabrique speakers which I was going to replace with the echos, but this morning I did some research, and set up my router to give those static IP addresses, which should help them stay connected. They have a bad habit of cutting out at random. There's one in the bedroom, one in the office and one in the kitchen. I have them set up to play the same thing, so when I go from bedroom to office to kitchen I get continuous playback. I like listening to 40's music in the morning, and ambiant sounds at night. Or sometimes talk shows at night.

What else? Made up three more PNB&J cups. Two apricot and one strawberry. Already made a blackberry.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pack a tuna sandwich & PNB&J cup and some grapes & cuties
UPS - drop off amazon return
Home, football.

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