Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Early AM, low Hgl (70) treated with ice cream and bad TV morning news shows.

Up with the alarm. Spook was on the bed begging for treats an hour earlier. She actually parked herself on the bed for a few minutes.

Out early, very light traffic, almost at the speed limit all the way. Strange but true, after grabbing breakfast the front door to the hole was open.

The bad news is I had to haul back out the Aussie box and run a whole day's worth of tests I had completely forgotten about. Boss had shown them to me last month, but I did not know they were supposed to be done yet. Two of them are supposed to run for 3 hours. Not fun.

Lunch was a tuna salad sandwich and peanut M&Ms. Had an apricot PNB&J cup for an afternoon snack. Grapes and tangerine too.

Ordered from BestBuy three off-brand speakers, same function as the Fabriques, but better design. Volume controls are on the opposite side from the USB power plug. Fabrique can't be controlled while plugged in. FAIL.

Need to ramp up my ebay sales soon.

Loaded my work laptop into the car, will start tomorrow in the big building. Looks like at least 2 days of testing to do there, maybe 4.

Drove to the Sunnyvale UPS store and sent back the 3 echo dots. Amazon screwed up and gave me return codes as if they were in two deliveries. Which they were not. I'll have to deal with that when they are delivered. On a lark I drove across the street to what used to be my favorite massage place, which went out of business a couple of months ago. New name, similar personnel. Real massage tables, with the face ring thing. She worked on my sciatica areas a lot. Yay.

Home, watched the Seahawks blow a chance for a miracle win/tie. Boo hiss.

Locked Spook in the guest room and took Zoe out to the bathroom, but she is so traumatized she climbed onto one of the ledges above the tub and froze there. Put her by the food, she ate for a few seconds, but still paranoid. Spook has bullied her way too much. I put food and water dishes on the laundry room counter, near the window sill she gets chased to. She comes out for that. Maybe this long weekend I can spritz Spook enough to level the playing field.

Dinner was a Smart Way steamer meal. Quinoa & chicken. Yum. And the 2nd to last piece of ice cream cake.

Watched another episode of Lost Lives. Two success stories. I miss the sister show, Who Do You Think You Are? which digs into a celebrity's heritage.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work in the main complex. Breakfast may be a challenge. Need to locate restrooms.


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