Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Crowbarring myself away from Facebook

where there are some interesting cordial conversations in progress.

Woke up on the half hour several times this morning, mostly to pee, whether I really needed to or not. At 7:30 Spook was on the bed, walking back and forth across my body, sticking around for a lot of petting.

My routine at 7:30 is:
Turn off the alarm (because it's a totally irrelevant San Francisco traffic report)
Punch up a 40's radio station on the Fabrique speakers
Take my cell phone and the bedroom speaker into the bathroom
Toilet stuff
Open the WW scale app and weigh myself
Brush my teeth
Towel off
Q-tip dry my ears
Spray myself with Rot Guard
Rinse off my dentures and put them in
Take the speaker & cell phone back into the bedroom
Get dressed
Office - check email & facebook
Kitchen - check Hgl, take meds
Pour some cat treats onto the floor in front of the food tower
Pack a lunch
Pet Zoe
Put on shoes & jacket & out the door

Started work in the big building. Building 42. Where I apparently am finding the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything
After a short delay, DZ set me up with an actual TV set to test at a desk a row from mine. The volume control had two settings: mute and 100.
So he flashed another TV and set it up in a room with an actual door, but by then I'd finished what I could on the first TV (two different brands)
Lots of testing.
Lunch was a challenge, the break room microwave was blocked by a very slow minion who was refilling all the cereal containers. Two food rooms later I found a microwave marked "kosher food only", and reheated my tuna salad sandwich, still in its ziploc bag. There is nothing un-kosher about the ingredients, but also only the plastic touched the machine.
Ate at a table outside with a good view of people traffic.
Read the book on the Kindle app from my tablet. Took my time.
Back to testing. Got 1/2 done on the second TV by quitting time
Straight home. Traffic to work was heavier than yesterday, but going home was lighter.
Was partly successful taking Zoe off her perch and into the food & water area. Spook runs away when I'm with Zoe.
Dinner was chicken soup, with some reheated roast duck bits
And the last slice of ice cream cake.

Watched Graham Norton. By accident hit the wrong key on the remote and there was a Below Decks marathon, so I set up a one-pass to get them all. It's been a couple of seasons since I watched. They got rid of the inane chef, but kept most of the other losers. FFed through the news, which is still mostly not-news, weather, fire follow-up, more weather, minimal sports. Lots of editorializing. I need to change channels again. NBC spends half the hour blowing their own horn. Off key.

Delivered was a set of 3 litterbox cartridges. I still had one in the cabinet, but the one in the litterbox really needed changing, so that's done. As I was doing that, Zoe came halfway off her perch to nibble on the food & treats I put on the counter for her.

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