Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wrapped Up Testing

Woke up every hour on the half hour last night to pee. I blame the chicken soup, which was well above the amount of liquid intake the doctors prescribed. More on that later.**

Easy commute, lots of parking in the garage. None of the managers showed up, so I had uninterrupted testing. I was able to plow through what was left of the smoke test before lunch, and started the new YouTube test suite. There is one lip sync test which is excellent, and fannish.

He sure doesn't look like Wesley Crusher anymore.

It was so nice to have a room to myself with actual heating & cooling and working overhead lights. I was also able to hack Ingress portals all day, build up my stock.

Lunchtime, moved the car to a charger space. Got 4 hours' free charge. It's always free at work.

Lunch was going to be just a tuna salad sandwich, but there were food trucks, and one was Malaysian, "Jalan Jalan" (street street) offering (free) beef satay. Turned out to not be satay at all, just big yummy chunks of beef kabob size, but never skewered. And no peanut sauce. On a small bed of rice and a side of colorful but inedible shredded cabbages. Cole slaw without dressing. I ate the beef, and then ate my tuna salad sandwich.

Got caught up in the book, but Ben Franklins allowed me to also keep alert for eye candy. There was a lot of it. Warm day, and lots of women in short shorts and bare legs.

I was running a 3-hour video, so no rush to get back, I took an hour for lunch. Food trucks didn't do much business, they only serve badged employees/contractors/interns and most of the traffic was guests.

Finished up the 2 3-hour tests, had to cheat a little because one of them only has 2 hours of continuous content.

**My follow-up nurse followed up. I told her I was fine except for the cough, and feeling light-headed when I'm walking around. She said those are symptoms of dehydration, and gave me a higher number of ounces of liquid to drink per day than she had given in the hospital. I also told her about the Mom's Meals disaster. Moot point, now that I'm well enough to shop & prepare food. She also recommended Flonase, in case the cough is from an allergy. I happen to have some.

Home, took back roads to 101 to IFH. Waited a long cycle (IFH has about 12 traffic signals) to get to the shortcut, then home. Huge number of cars in the strip joint parking lot. The Brass Rail has amateur night Wednesdays, I think.

Got a round tuit, cleared off the laundry room counter, which had been the place to put things I did not want to put away, or had no place to store. Except for the sodastream cartridge which I need to exchange, and dead batteries to recycle, it's now a nice carpeted space. Of course Zoe prefers the hard wooden window ledge - because it's behind curtains.

I tried taking her into the livingroom while Spook was out of sight, but Zoe isn't comfortable in my lap on the recliner. I did manage to set her near the food & water in the kitchen, and she ate some kibble. On her counter top I've set a food dish with canned food, treats and a water dish. I know she uses the nearby litterbox. This weekend I plan to be home a lot, and will see if I can broker a peace. Zoe used to be fine having the run of the house, but Spook has messed that up, now that she isn't fazed by Zoe's rude noises.

Changed which channel I'm getting 6 o'clock news from. Good choice, less personal opinion foo from the anchorcouple (aka spokesmodels), and more actual news.

Also watched the episode and a half of Below Decks I'd recorded. I thought there would be more. It wasn't a marathon, the station just shows the previous episode before the current one, each week. I am liking the chef more than the previous one, but no one on board is. The next cruise is with a total a-hole client, it's going to be a disaster.

In sports, the 49ers made the wise decision to start the QB who started the last 3 games, instead of the new guy. New guy is capable of starting, he has had 4 weeks to learn the system, and many years of experience in New England. But current QB did well last game, so yanking him would send the wrong signals.

In other sports, I swiffered the kitchen floor, it looks okay now. Really got messy while I was not feeling well.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tivo is set to record the parade, I'll watch until I can't stand the announcers.
There will be at least one football game, maybe 2
BofA - get some cash. Massage ate what I had
Drop off some dry foods at the community hall if they are open
Cut back the rose bushes
Try to bring Zoe back into the main house & keep Spook from chasing her

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