Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cold Turkey

No turkey, actually. All I have in the house is a frozen smoked drumstick, way too much sodium for my new diet.

Slept in till 9, picked up the tablet and did some reading, Spook joined me, not only parking on the bed, but also purring. She did a lot of that today. Usually she is silent.

I had set Tivo to record two networks showing the Macy's parade. Both of them were mostly FAILs. One hardly showed the parade at all, instead they had set up in front of (i think) a theater, showing badly lip synced scenes from current Broadway musicals. Sponge Bob Squarepants, the musical. Gag me. They also played a lot of indoor venues, bands and such. And Al Roker was out in the parade route interviewing random people, and TV stars. The other one showed all the balloons, but the two MCs never shut up, and had a series of people from shows on their network to interview. Between the two, there was not a single note from a marching band. And neither was set up at the reviewing stand, so no dance/drill team performances.

Took out my hostilities on the rose bushes. It was a lovely warm partly cloudy day, I moved the car so I could roll the big green bin out to the rose garden, and cut all the bushes way back to root stock. The ones I planted when I first moved here now have thick trunks, everything ought to grow back next spring. With the thorny branches gone, I was able to weed. The pernicious flowers which were choking the catmints had started a comeback. Pretty much filled the bin, rolled it back to the end of the driveway and moved the car back.

The rest of the day was quiet, watching the three football games (also on tivo), some facebooking, got the laptop updated. Zoe likes to be petted and actually came off the window sill and onto the carpeted counter top to be stroked and purr at me. Spook stayed in the piano room out of sight of the laundry room except to use the litter box.

Breakfast was warmed peanut butter and two small bananas sliced in.
Lunch was oranges, tangerines, and two steamed pork buns.
Dinner was Healthy Choice beef merlot steamer. Too much potato, but excellent beef & sauce.

Delivered was a new Foscam wi-fi camera to replace the one in the guest room (aka Spook's favorite daytime hangout). It's a newer model, so I took the camera which points at the food & water & front windows and put that in the guest room, and put the new one in its place. This required some router manipulations, because all the cameras are given static IP addresses, and are set up to be seen in the outside world. So the new camera's mac address needed to be assigned to an IP address and http port for both inside the house and through the Comcast portal. Had to reboot the router a few times for it to take.

Plans for tomorrow:
Donate a huge bag of dry goods to the barrel in the community center
Ca$h machine
Shopping - Safeway & maybe Lucky & Grocery Outlet
BB&B - exchange 2 soda stream cartridges

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