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Slept more last night, but still less than pre-Lasix. Lasix (Furosemide) is the diuretic I was put back on in the hospital. Spook was on the bed at 7:30 again, but not interested in being petted so I turned out the lights and slept another hour +.

Up and at the computer before 10. Brainstorm - the blanket which Zoe had in the shelter & the carrier was on the office cat tree. I moved it to the laundry room counter, and she prefers it to the window sill. WIN! And she loves being petted there.

An accomplished day. First stop was the community hall, I deposited a lot of dry goods, cup of noodles, popcorn, Thai Mama Ramen, into the senior center collection barrel.

On to BofA and withdrew some cash.

Online, checked in at Great Clips which showed a half hour wait. It was 15 minutes away, I parked in the lot and went into Petco, where I bought a pair of atomizers of cat pheromones, claiming to be good for calming a multi-cat population. Scratchers were half price so I bought a Zoe-sized one.

Haircut, #3 all around. I now look & feel less like I have Einstein Hair™ which is almost as bad as Bette Davis Eyes®.

Looked up BB&B, but the nearest one was too far away, so I put off the soda stream exchange and bought all the Healthy Choice meals and Smart Way < 500 mg sodium ones at Safeway. And Miracle whip for tuna salad. I wanted to get some turkey drumsticks to bake, but they only had breasts and wings. And smoked, which are mega-salty. Also stocked up on Health Nut bread. Laura Scudders peanut butter was on special on my club card, small jar, so I got one, but Adams has sodium-free, same size, non-sale price was the same so I also got one of those. Mixed with banana it should be fine. And cuties oranges, grapes, bananas, limes. Mushrooms & celery & sardines.

Next stop Lucky's, ISO turkey legs, but they didn't have any, but they did have 3 flavors of Healthy Choice which Safeway didn't, and lamb blade cuts were affordable (unlike shanks) and I figured I could slow cook those as an alternative to baked turkey legs.

One quick stop at Grocery Outlet, but no turkey drumsticks there, so I left.

Home, it took 3 trips to get stuff inside. Zoe was way too curious about the door opening.

Unpacked everything, set up the kitty scratcher at the end of Zoe's counter top, she knew what to do with it, but I probably should weight it down because she gets stuck. Put one pheromone dispenser near the food/water, the other under the cat trees by the porch windows. We shall see. Tried brushing her, but she didn't seem to enjoy it.

Cut up some celery, peeled a clove of garlic, found a packet of baby carrots, sliced in a yellow onion and half a red onion, placed the lamb cuts on top, piled on sliced mushrooms, topped that with mint, oregano, and rosemary from fresh-frozen bags in the freezer and topped with fresh basil from the kitchen table. added some water, and set the slow cooker for 8 hours low heat. Mostly just interested in the meat, may use the veggies again on some beef in the fridge freezer.

Late lunch was beef teriyaki steamer bowl, then sat out on the porch for a while, no hummingbirds. 72° outside, there should have been some. Took photos of the cut-back roses. The trunks are impressive. Reminds me of the vineyards.

Tried to call ophthalmology to make an appointment, was on hold forever, probably closed today.

Watched some bad college football. Tivo said I had not yet watched the Utah-UW game so I set that up in FF - a real nail-biter, UW won by 3 at the last minute.

Delivered were the Jam speakers. I unplugged the Fabriques and deleted them from the router's DHCP server. It took a lot to set up the Jams, and now it seems they are set to turn off, despite being plugged in. Need to troubleshoot that. The app is iffy, it took a few tries to make all 3 speakers part of a group, but once done I can stream TuneIn stations. The test will be in the morning, see if they can hold a wi-fi signal.

Dinner was HC Asian pot stickers steamer. Not bad. Dessert was walnuts, frozen mango chunks and frozen blueberries, while watching the new news channel. Much better than the old one.

UCLA-Cal are at halftime in the background.

Plans for tomorrow:
BB&B, soda stream exchange (2 this time)
Whole Fads and maybe Walmart groc ISO turkey legs
Maybe meet Janice to chat
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