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One stop shopping

Up just before 7:30. On the weekends there is no alarm and no automatic lights turning on. But I woke up anyway, the scale says that I'm the same weight as yesterday. Earlier in the week I RTFMed and discovered the reason the scale only showed my weight is my soles are too dry. Wet them a little bit for better contact with the metal strips on the scale, and I also get %water, fat, bone and BMI. Those numbers have been stable too.

Back to sleep for an hour, then up and at 'em.

Zoe made a mess of her blanket, turns out she is now too scared to use the litterbox. I tossed her into it, but probably too late for a #1. Seems she doesn't trust me to keep Spook at bay. :-(

Around 10, drove to MV's BB&B, exchanged two sodastream cartridges. Realized I was pretty close to Piazza's market, which is a micro Whole Foods, locally owned. They always have frozen matzo balls, and maybe they woud have turkey drumsticks.


They had dozens. I bought 7. And two boxes of matzos, which turn out to be low sodium. And Scharffenberger 82% was $2 off, so I bought 5. They had a soft sheep milk cheese I had not seen before only $5 each, so I got two and also found low sodium crackers.

Home with all the things.

Fished the lamb out of the crock pot, zip locked and into the fridge for dinner.

Set up two glass pans with the drumsticks, poured a little orange juice into each one, then smothered them with the veggies from the crock pot, plus minced garlic and a handful of rosemary sprigs.

Into the oven 350° for an hour, removed the foil and flipped them, baked for another 30 minutes. They look perfect! Chanukah miracle - there were 7 drumsticks and I had exactly 7 1-quart freezer bags left. 5 are in the fridge freezer, 2 are in the fridge.

Read more of the second book, glancing at college football games from time to time. Sat on the porch while the turkey was in the oven.

Had all the doors open to help cool off the place, Zoe pushed through the screen on the carport side while I was on the porch. Neighbors saw her go behind the house, bus she was out of sight by the time they told me. Maybe she'll come back, maybe not. Unlike Spook's escape, this was feeling less like a safe haven for her. She is chipped, so if she is found my info is in the database.

5 pm, back to MV, downtown this time, had a chat with Janice. Lots of news from both of us, headed home 90 minutes later.

Cooked up the 2 cups of Quinoa left in the bag, using the liquid from the lamb & turkey. It took an extra 10 minutes, but is yummy. Smothered some of the lamb in the veggies from the crock pot --> turkey pans, and heated in the microwave. Spooned out some quinoa, and that was dinner. Dessert was frozen blueberries, walnuts and chunks of mini watermelon.  

Ate that while watching UW clobber WSU. As usual, UW defense 2nd team allowed points they should not have in Q4. The game knocked WSU out of the Pac 12 championship, and probably will land UW in the Sun Bowl or some other useless bowl game.

Did a load of laundry, still in the dryer.

Need to put the quinoa into containers & freeze.

Plans for tomorrow:
Mostly stay home.
Read, watch football, play online
Maybe watch a movie
Take out the garbage
Check for Zoe sightings
Run the dishwasher
Unload the dryer
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