Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oh, so boring

Except for the surprise return of Zoe, it was a pretty boring day. She was repatriated by 10:30 am, I'd already had smushed overripe banana and PNB for breakfast. Zoe was at the top of the office cat tree, she explored a little before curling up there and sleeping. After I was done on the PC, I could see her from the recliner in the livingroom, and  one well-aimed spray bottle squirt warned Spook away.

Lunchtime rolled around, heated up an HC meatball marinara steamer bowl. All the cooking I had done yesterday would be for the future. Dessert was walnuts, blueberries and watermelon.

Ironed all the Hawaiian shirts, watched the NE-MIA game on the bedroom TV.

It was raining on and off, which I saw first by starting playback on the 49er game (home game, they are only about 3 miles away). Went out on the porch to read, but it was too wind chilly. Paused the game and read in the recliner. The sequel to the last book. The Boy In Her Dreams (The Girl In Between Book 2) by Laekan Zea Kemp started out great, but 3/4 of the way through it has become a mess, the author has no idea how to handle the classic scenario where the good guys are set upon by Mysterious Strangers who are actually good guys there to induct the good guys into the Big Worldwide Good Guys Brotherhood. It's way too violent, and devolves into way too many mysterious strangers kibitzing each other. I've flipped forward several pages to get past the confusion.

And I started nodding off.

Went to take a nap at 3 pm, told Google to wake me at 4:30, but at 3:30 there was a scream from Zoe, and I found Spook on the second to top tier of the office cat tree, with Zoe on the top tier making rude noises. I broke that up, got dressed, then did some chores. There was most of a pot of quinoa to spoon into serving-sized containers. And a dishwasher load with the crock pot and one of the turkey pans.

Spook had gone back into the guest room, but not before scaring Zoe up from the cat tree to the narrow ledge above the window. I had to get a stepladder and pry her out of there. She went to the kitchen food & water, then up to the laundry room counter.

Turned on the 49ers game, Seahawks won but not as handily as they might have. New 49ers QB scored a TD in the final second when newly regular QB was injured. 

Fired up the Raiders game and watched them win against Denver, again not as handily as they should have. There was a lot of fighting during the game, only 3 ejections (there should have been 2 more IMHO). Former 49er Crabtree took a swing at a Denver player - actually they both took a swing at each other at the same time. The Raiders did okay without him, I would not be surprised to see him booted from the team - this is the 2nd time he has been in a fight.

Dinner was chicken soup from March, with store-bought three matzo balls defrosted. The last of the coffee ice cream for dessert.

The Jam speakers are a FAIL, and after much WTF-ing, I found a cyber Monday deal on the equivalent Sonos speakers. Major cashectomy, but I've had it with the cut rate ones not working.

Took out the garbage, even used the table scraps side of the bin to ditch a bunch of olives I'd marinated. Way too much salt for my diet. Can't put them down the insinkerator because of the pits. Wheeled out the green bin with the rose cuttings, and needed two trips to get everything into the recycle bins. Since it's raining, I won't put out the cardboard. There are only 2 boxes this time anyway.

Unloaded the dryer (jeans). And did the second dishwasher session.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ford dealership to have 2 recalls taken care of (email Boss that I'll be late)
Make an ophthalmology appointment

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