Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Crappy beginning, but the day got better

8:30 am at Ford for my 9 am appointment. They lost it. They didn't have anything in their files. I waited 3 weeks for this re-schedule! Next available date is Pearl Harbor Day, how appropriate.

At least I got a full day in at work.

Grabbed breakfast (actually I brought a banana from home, just got an egg and a Kind bar)

Wrapped up what I'd left Wednesday evening, updated some bugs which had been assigned to me while I was away. Updated firmware on a prototype which fixed a bug and a half. Manufacturer had supplied their own version of an app to dodge the bug.

Called ophthalmology, they had an opening tomorrow afternoon. Excellent!

Lunch in the break room was quiet, only two other people, a couple who work for the food service contractors. Tuna salad on sourdough, and tangerines from the break room stash.

Back to the hole, boss came by to sync at 3:30. I gave her the hospital wrap up (she just got back from vacation in Japan, and missed all the excitement). We did our usual updates, and she told me she expects to be able to extend my contract one more year when it comes due in March, but the paperwork will begin Real Soon Now.

Got stuck when one of the machines wouldn't run a world famous app, despite applying a fix from world famous tech support. I'm not being facetious, the app is one of the best video apps on the market and their tech support gives me personal responses (they have actually come to visit me).

Home, very heavy traffic. School is in session, people mostly back from the long weekend.

Zoe comes out of the window to be petted (and fed). Spook has mostly been staying away from her.  But not always. Zoe has been using her blanket as a piddle pad, so it's in the washer now. :-(

My Amazon account reminded me that I had rented the original Blade Runner but it made me pay for it again. Because 2 minutes into the movie I realized I had seen it already, and did not need to see it again. So I rented Tangled which I enjoyed a lot, but did not like the artwork or the voicing of the wicked "old" lady/mother. What prompted me to see it was an I Can See Your Voice Thailand episode where a couple dressed as prince & princess sang I Can See The Light which is the love duet from the movie. They sang it in English, but there's actually a Thai version from Disney, I discovered while looking for other covers on YouTube.

Right after the movie I ran over to the piano and played the song, which, like many Alan Menken tunes, is easy to play by ear. It was nominated for an Oscar in 2011.

So no football tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
3-ish, head over to Kaiser Santa Clara for the eye doctor appt. I have my spare prescription computer glasses in the car.
Hang out till my eyes un-dilate and traffic is less insane.


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