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Smash hit & memory lane

Part of my morning routine now is setting out food for Zoe on her countertop.This morning her ceramic dish was on the floor, smashed to pieces. I think I've had it for a dozen years. Had not used it much because there's a food tower. Replaced it with a paper bowl, filled it with kibble, which was gone quickly. I'm going to guess that sometime in the night Spook chased her.

Checking the cam during the day, her blanket was in disarray, covering the food dish.

Left for work at 9, got there in 20 minutes. Confirmed that a bug from the previous release did not occur in the current release of 4 out of 6 devices. The two not confirmed was because they refused to update. The manager for those two boxes is out of town.

At about 10 it was still 63° in the hole, so I filed a facilities ticket. Someone showed up around lunch time, confirmed it was cold, and when I was back from lunch (2-ish) he said it was fixed. 24V had not been connected - that's the line which powers the main thermostat. By the time I left at 3, it was warming up.

Traffic at 3 was very light, it only took 15 minutes to get to Kaiser Santa Clara, but I didn't find parking until 3:45. 4:15 appointment, but needed to be there early to get my eyes dilated.

The nurse who gave the basic eye test didn't know what she way doing, the way she lined up the machines, the chart was out of my line of sight, and when I tried to read the bottom line out loud, my chin shook the chart so much I couldn't make it out.

Eyes were dilated enough for the exam that the doctor was done at 4:19. Over the years it has become routine, I have mild retinopathy, it has been stable for at least 10 years. Next appointment will be in a year.

Down to the ground floor, where there is a lounge area with a grand piano, and lots of comfortable arm chair seating. My plan was to wait till it was dark, about an hour, and maybe enjoy the passing eye candy. But there wasn't any, it was a cavalcade of people as old and fat as me, and with my eyes dilated I was kind of seeing double. I made a pass through the tiny gift shop, hoping for a unicorn for my UK cousin's baby, but they had none. WTF?

While I was lounging, I See The Light was running through my head.  I almost went over to plunk it out on the piano but there were people it would have disturbed. I did not realize the irony till I got home and started singing it.

Not delivered was the Roomba which was due today. Got a note from Amazon that it's been delayed.

For dinner I cut up and caramelized in olive oil yellow and red onions and garlic, nuked the rest of the lamb in the microwave and poured about half the mix over it. The last of the chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Watched the episode of Below Decks which Tivo had lost (I have seen the one after it), and PTI.

Zoe comes out of the window sill to be petted and purr. She loves the attention. I took her to the recliner and held her tight, and she put up with it for about 5 minutes until she had enough of Spook across the room grooming herself. Sigh.
Yesterday I received email from an old list at Stanford Savoyards saying Mary Ann Anthony had passed away. She had co-produced the near disaster Yeomen of the Guard I directed at Staford in 1995. I was an emergency stand-in, the woman who was originally chosen to direct chose to travel to Scandinavia to see her husband awarded a Nobel Prize. After the first rehearsal, our leading lady "discovered" she had double-booked, and dropped out. I'm pretty sure it was more about the directing change.

The producers had arranged for a student to assistant direct, but student only showed up for a couple of rehearsals, was useless, and disappeared. One of the cast has offered to be assistant director, but I wanted her in the cast. Shortly after the show she died when her insulin pump malfunctioned.

I made two Big Mistakes in casting. The music director, who was brilliant, had tried to talk me into better choices but I insisted. One of the mistakes was because I had mixed up the names of two auditioners. The other was a simple case of asking too much of someone.

My directing was not too good because I did not really know the show, but also the cast who did know the show assumed stage left went to one place and stage right to another, when it's set in a circular tower, stage left & right go to the same place. There were traffic jams because they decided as a group that I'd told them to go the wrong way.

Then the replacement for leading lady was the ex of the man she was going to play opposite. They decided to direct their scenes themselves, totally ignoring me. She was impossible to work with. I have not spoken to her since. Only my lighting director stood up for me.

And then, I later found out, the group's executive director took one of the couples aside and gave them private dialect lessons. I was not interested in those characters speaking in dialect for an American audience.

My leading man (not the ex - he was more of a supporting part) couldn't remember his lines. We worked a lot, me, him and his girlfriend. He only gave one flawless performance, it was the one I chose not to go to. He married her, they had several children, and are now happily divorced and he is dating someone from another theater group.

The cast also wanted me to give an opening night speech, and give notes after each performance. Against my religion - once a show opens, it belongs to the cast.

On the bright side, the ensemble figured out characters to play, with help from one of the veterans. A friend did the choreography, we snuck in an English country dance, which went well. I designed a multi-level octagon on wheels (with brakes) which the company used for several shows after. We had two master carpenters building the set, and it was brilliant. The first scene shift always got an ovation. The whole set was beautiful.

Two notes about May Ann: the trunk of her car was spotless. I remarked how I'd never seen a trunk so empty & clean, and she looked at me as if something was wrong with me. And she wanted me to resign, but she and the other co-producer didn't fire me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home (?) or Best Buy to return the Jam speakers.

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