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Up a few minutes early, weighed myself & went back to bed for a few. Lost a little weight.

Zoe was out and about in the kitchen, she thinks the kitchen chairs (foldable, padded fabric) are the best scratchers. I tried to put her in front of the food dish, but she would take a bite or two and then flee. Even when I shoo Spook away.

Put the whites in the washer.

On the road early enough to phone AG, but got voicemail. He texted later he would call back, so maybe tomorrow.

Work was going along well until I pushed the power switch on a prototype box and is sparked, smoked and the box went dead. The light for the switch, however, stayed on.  I went to my server to email the engineers, but my server was dead. No power. After some troubleshooting with tech ops, it was clear at the very least the power supply had fried. They file a ticket with field service. Just before lunch field service manager asked what times I would be available, so I gave them my schedule. ASAP was the right answer because I also had to go to 42 and have one of the managers resurrect three boxes of his which were in various states of not able to be updated.

Lunchtime there was a buffet set up for some gathering, they also had name tags on lanyards & t-shirts. Two of them stole my table, but the rest of them ate in their meeting room as they are supposed to. There were other tables free.

Tuna salad on sourdough, there were satsuma tangerines on the counter, and I also had grapes.

Back to the hole, message from field service tech asking if this was a good time to come over. It was. He actually showed up at the hole (and not my Official Desk) with a power strip when what I needed was a power supply for the server. But close enough. After establishing that we both knew what we were doing, he found that my server was end of life, no power supplies in stock or available to order. BUT, I was due for an upgrade, so he ordered me a top of the line engineering server, with instructions to bring it to the hole and put my current hard drive in it. Boss' boss' boss probably has to approve it.

Meanwhile I have an old macbook for email & messaging & adb.

Engineers next door swapped the zapped prototype for one that works, they even installed the latest firmware. But I had to use the macbook adb connection to log into it and make it ready to run some apps. A second macbook let me run some automation tests.

Drove to 42, had a chat with Boss, the manager I needed was gone for the day, but his sidekick volunteered to flash the three boxes. Boss gave me another unit to test as well. That all took till 4:30.

Back to the hole, set up another automation run on the prototype, ate some PNB&J and at 5:30 drove to the nails place. Once again I was early, she was still working on a pedicure. She took a long time to do my nails this time, > 45 minutes, with an extra coating of the silver color.

Home by back roads, 101 was at a crawl, but for the second time this week I made the light at the IFH without having to slow down.  

Pulled into the driveway and then back out, because I had the rent check on the front seat, and the drop box is open till 9.

Dropped off the rent, then home.

Zoe had pooped about a week's worth on the counter. I transfered that to the litterbox, and sprayed Fabreze and some anti-soiling stuff. Zoe followed me into the kitchen, yelling at me, but she wouldn't eat from the tower. I put food in her bowl on the counter and that made her happy.

Delivered was the 2 pairs of Sonos speakers. They weigh a lot. I opened one up, and they are way bigger than the photos suggested, and heavier by a long shot. Not portable as advertised. They are going back. I haz a sad, because they were my last hope for grouped wi-fi speakers.

Not delivered was the Roomba. :-(

Unloaded the dryer, still had not put away the last run. So lots of laundry on the bed right now.

Dinner was turkey leg smothered in the caramelized onion/garlic mix left over from last night. Yum! Walnuts, mango chunks & blueberries for dessert. I am out of ice cream, which is good because it was wreaking havoc on my Hgl readings.

Online, re-ordered some meds.

While I was printing the return labels for the speakers, printer complained it was running out of ink. This printer uses 7 different ink cartridges, but Canon doesn't sell a package with all of them. It took 4 orders. And $118.

Watched PTI and Lost Lives. Tivo also has 2 football games, Shark Tank and Below Decks. I watched about half an hour of the Victoria's Secret fashion show, but they hardly show the models - there is more focus on the musical acts, and when they do show the models it's only for a second or two, and rarely full length. And almost never from the back. Typical MTV video. Frustrating.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - lots to do
Football (?)
Prepare the Jam & sonos speakers to be returned (Saturday).


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