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Random Seasonal Thoughts

Took generic nyquil capsules at bedtime last night, and found my brain battling the sleep-inducing effects till almost 3 am. Which is when Pumpkin woke me up with his pawing the covers in an attempt to find the body. He does this sometimes - he'll walk towards the head of the bed, then try to dig his way under the covers. He doesn't want to be under the covers, mind you, he just wants to see where the my body is so he can curl up against it.

Woke up at about 4:30 to very loud purring. Domino had curled up next to my face, and was in motor mode. She usually doesn't do this until I've slept past my usual wake-up time.

Long story short, cats know when you're not quite yourself.

How could I forget that I set my alarm to wake me up to the Elvis' Greatest Hits CD? Talk about rude awakenings. Jailhouse Rock? No, Heartbreak Hotel, if one can trust Amazon.com's track list.

The Christian world needs therapy. What is it about snow and evergreen trees and winter solstice which is so powerful that it has completely taken over the celebration of the birth of a child in a near-tropical country, devoid of evergreens, which took place around April or May?

Giving gifts is a Good Thing™. Being required to give gifts is not. Nor is expecting a gift.

I don't mind the commercialization of Christmas. I mind the Christmasization of commerce.

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