Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

December Fools' Day

In a normal year, I would have some idea of the photos I want in my calendar.  I have exactly one. Sunday I need to look through the year's photos and choose candidates. I did not take nearly as many pictures this year as usual. The least since the year my parents died. That's not strictly true, I took a ton of pictures in Helsinki and Tallinn, but few if any struck me as calendar photos.
The day started with me gaining 2.5 lbs. Not surprising as I have my appetite back again.

Spook was on the bed at 7:30, but didn't allow petting.

I was on the road on time, got voicemail when I called AG. He called back 10 minutes later already at work, he had a demo to do at 11. Traffic in the commuter lane was pretty fast, I was at work early. Grabbed a banana & drink & egg, dodging the many bodies who had a buffet set up in the hallway. Bunch of messy inconsiderates, they left jackets and back packs all over the break room, they are supposed to keep their stuff in the meeting room.

At the hole I finished up work on the prototype, set it aside and started work on a tiny STB, this one is for an American market so the TV antenna grabbed a lot of channels off the air, which helps with testing. Spent all day on it, and it passed every test except one. And few users will notice that one. There was a bug which most users will notice, but it's a documentation error which is the manufacturer's problem, not mine.

Lunch was again a challenge finding a place to sit, with all the junk those bozos left on the seats. Tuna on sourdough, tangerines and oranges. And some trail mix because it was there. On the bright side there were two very attractive women blocking traffic in the hallway.

Back in the hole, running the screen saver tests I went to gizmodo.com and they had an article that the NY attorney general discovered 10,000 anti net neutrality comments on the FCC site which were phony. He has a tool to check if your name pops up on the comments, so I plugged in my name, and while there was nothing from me, there was something posted last year with my father's name and our old Seattle address. Canned verbiage against net neutrality. Dad died in 2010, the house was sold a few years before that. I left feedback on the NY site.

The tech support people emailed asking where I wanted them to deliver the new server, it's all approved. I told them and didn't hear a thing after that. It was not delivered, which made me not pleased.

Also not delivered, for the second day, was the Roomba, which UPS once again claimed would be here by 8 pm, but once again they made it the last item on a too-long route. If they don't schedule it for tomorrow, I will have them send it back. 

Home, traffic was very heavy, even on the back roads. Friday start of ski season. :-(

Zoe pooped on her counter top again.  At least she had not knocked over her food dish, and there was still food left.  i have half a mind to relocate her to the guest bathroom with the door closed.

Turns out the cost to send back the Sonos speakers, between shipping 20lbs and a 20% restocking fee, I decided to keep them. St them up while Stanford was stupidly losing to USC down the block. Nice speakers, a bit too much bass for my taste, A/C power cord instead of USB, it took longer than it should have to connect to my wi-fi, and it would only connect the lower GHz speed. Tomorrow I'll play with my DGCP settings and get them using sequential IP addresses. Can't use Spotify, it needs a paid account. TuneIn did not show up on the list of choices but I was able to browse stations for it. iHeart says I'm connected but won't show my stations.

Dinner was steamed crab & some quinoa. Coconut popsicle & blueberries for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Return Jam speakers to Best Buy
Petsmart, food & water bowls for Zoe, and maybe an easy to clean litterbox
Make another batch of tuna salad & sandwiches
Make some PNB&J cups or sandwiches or both
Coffee with Janice

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