Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It was a busy week today, more tomorrow

Spook was on the bed meowing at me at 7. Grrr. I was out of bed at the crack of 9, and she was attacking Zoe, who had come down from her perch. Pooped on the counter again. Spook was so aggressive I switched to Plan C in my mind as I added food to Zoe's bowl and had my breakfast banana.

But first, took the jam speakers to Best Buy and got a refund. The Sonos speakers worked beautifully, and I love how each one's stop button stops all four. I think the volume buttons only control that one speaker. The music chooser part of the app is not intuitive, but I figured it out after dinner tonight, finally. iHeart content showed up, it had to percolate. And TuneIn doesn't show my stations -until I search, then I can add them to Sonos. Alexa still doesn't recognize the name I gave the speaker group.

After BB, across the parking lot to PetSmart, bought a small food tower, metal food bowl for wet food, a big bag of kibble for both cats, a container of treats, and after some soul searching bought another scoop-free litterbox.

Home, set up the guest bedroom with the water fountain from vacation, the small food tower, the litterbox and the wet food bowl. Also carried in two cat tree sections from the piano room which Zoe used to curl up in before Spook got out of hand, and the scratching post I'd put on the counter which she likes. Also grabbed four toys from the livingroom she used to play with.

Carried Zoe to the new room, put her on the futon for petting, and then left, closing the door behind me.

The guest room has the futon set up as a sofa, with a window behind it overlooking Lee's carport garden. There are also bookcases and a multi-level rack with historical family photos and 78s. Should be much more comfortable than the laundry room counter, and no Spook attacks.

Lunch was HC BBQ beef steamer, dessert was mango & banana.

First time I checked on Zoe, she came down from the top of the bookshelf. The next two times she was deep in the back of the photo rack. But she came out to the futon to be petted. I left after she started trying to eat my hand (playfully).

Just after Zoe was first put in her room, Spook went crazy, diving under the hall runner, running back and forth across the house, leaping into the air at imagined somethings. She has since settled down.

Watched two PTI episodes,and the last Below Decks and a Shark Tank. At about 4 I was running out of things to be bored with, so I whipped up another batch of tuna salad. Then to MV to meet Janice. I thought I'd had a stressful day, but hers topped mine 1000x.

Home, watched the news. This morning the word on FB was a toll booth at the Golden Gate Bridge had been crunched by a truck and a toll keeper killed, but it turns out it was the Bay Bridge, a much more difficult toll plaza to have a major accident on. The truck took out several SUVs on its way and was in pieces, its load of audio equipment all over the road. It will be interesting to hear the NTSB report, because that was way more destructive than a mere DUI.

Watched The Orville. Pretty good science-based fiction this time, and they dealt with the "pretending to be mediocre because smart kids get bullied" subject albeit a little awkwardly. And maybe we finally will be spared the captain's insecurity complex because there was way too much of it this time. I still think this is the best Star Trek copycat since DS9.

Dinner was a turkey leg smothered with freshly sauteed onions, garlic & mushrooms with quinoa mixed in. Delicious.

As I was going out to the car to MV, UPS drove up with the very battered box with the Roomba. I was too tired to deal with it then, it was my after dinner project. It won't pair with my wi-fi, and their app gets locked into a useless loop which needs a phone reboot to clear. And to make things interesting, the app's diagram of which buttons to push to pair the wi-fi is wrong.

I set it to cleaning manually, and it was pretty screwy in its directional choices, and pretty loud. But when it ran out of juice it returned to the dock. iRobot's support page also has the wrong info on how to reset it. I am not impressed. Spook stayed away from it. When it was done the dirt bin was more than full and the brush rollers needed to be seriously brushed clean. So it works.

Sat down with my photo browser, and have already found too many pictures for the calendar, and I'm only a few months in.

Plans for tomorrow:
There are about 30 boxes to break down and bundle for recycling.
Try setting up the roomba and running it in the office & bedroom.
49ers play Chicago. Raiders play the Giants.
Make sandwiches from the tuna salad, and also PNB&J
Maybe trim the hedges on the non-carport side of the house

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