Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It could have been boring

Up early, Spook on the bed at 7. I stuck it out till 7:30, but there wasn't much to do online so I got on the road half an hour early. Sometimes Mondays the break room doesn't get fully stocked, and this was one of them. No vitamin water, no eggs, no tangerines (small oranges instead). Found a small coconut water on a bottom shelf. Bananas were not as ripe as they could have been.

Put away the unit I was testing Friday after there was no feedback from Boss on it. Put a tiny local one in its place and ran the new set of video tests. It failed way too many of them. But it ran Netflix well, so I watched several episodes of Marco Polo. I am impressed by most of the acting, except for the title role. Reminds me of Iron Fist, the title role is also mediocre there, but so is most of the supporting acting.

Lunch was pretty quiet, no events running, but whatever had been going on over the weekend did not clean up after themselves. Tuna salad sandwich, grapes. I also brought a PNB&J sandwich but didn't touch it. Second dessert was oranges and peanut M&Ms which I really need to leave alone.

There was a note from the "stuff" department saying they did not have a machine for me. Claim they are waiting for a replacement to come from the field. Sounds like BS to me. They also claim they don't have a specific location to deliver it to, after I gave them explicit directions. For a company with their vast resources, this is a major FAIL.

My nurse called, I told her about the low BP and dizziness, she passed that to my GP who emailed me to cut the diuretic down to 1 pill a day instead of 2, she will call me later.

Home, heavy traffic until the road leading to the IFH, then it was clear sailing. Except for the 5-minute wait for the light.

Delivered was the knockoff Canon ink cartridge set. UPS says youngest sister is sending me something which weighs half a pound. T-shirt?

Watched some of MNF, Alexa tells me the Bengals blew a big lead at the end. Typical. The parts I saw there were a lot of penalties called for minor stuff. Two of them wiped out touchdowns one for each side). I think the rules need to be changed to allow the points, and enforce the penalty later. And I hate the NFL version of pass interference, college has it right.

Watched Shark Tank, mostly FFed because it was winter and Xmas crap for the most part.

Chicken soup with matzo balls for dinner. BP after dinner was back to being too high.

Checked in with Zoe, Spook waiting outside the door even though I shooed her away with water. Zoe loves the attention, for a while, climbs up on my lap and pushes her face into mine. She also purrs up a storm. But eventually she backs off and wants her own space, so I leave. I re-programmed the light in the guest room to come on with the other lights before sunset & go out when I turn my bedroom lights off at night.

Downloaded a bunch of free sci-fi books to the Kindle app. Am currently reading something called Transport by Phillip P. Peterson and Jenny Piening. It took 4 chapters to get to the point, and the characters are pretty shallow and stereotypical, but the hook is interesting and the writing flows just enough to not be boring.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sync with Boss is on the calendar
Refresh run on the dryer and empty it.

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