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One of the engineers in the big building sent me a colorful note congratulating me on my "googleversity". It was bittersweet because I am not an employee, I'm a contractor, but today was the 1st anniversary of my contract. But not quite, because my unpaid vacation plus hospital time in theory makes that point about three weeks in the future. Boss hopes this will give her more me time when the contract end date approaches.
Up early, Spook left a present under the comforter - a little koala head which has a magnet in it and used to be on my whiteboard. She had been batting it around for months.

Took some Zoe time before my usual morning routine. Spook waits outside the door after I shoo her away. Zoe has the run of the guest bedroom, but she hasn't settled on a favorite parking place yet. She does like the chair which matches the ones in the kitchen, which I used to use for the electronic keyboard. But she will also curl up on the floor, resting her head on the base of the scratcher pole. When I come in she usually joins me on the futon.

Despite the early start I was just on time out the door. Took a BP reading, which was back to being too high.

Break room had Vitamin water, 2 rows of it, so I grabbed one. And a banana and an egg. No Kind bars. But I still had 2 in the cooler. And a small coconut water. On my way there, Doctor's office called, scheduled a phone appointment for tomorrow morning.

Finished the two 3-hour tests on the little unit from yesterday. Then Boss emailed asking if I had seen certain errors on the James Bond machine. Had to hook it up to see the logs. The answer was that those tests failed, but for different reasons.

Lunch was a tuna salad sandwich & grapes. No vitamin water - the person who does the stocking said she saw someone grab an armful of them.

Boss showed up for sync, a little late (she warned me) and now I have more explicit marching orders for the James Bond box. Two days of tests, probably, and maybe then two more on it's cousin box. Which will be interrupted Thursday when I take the car in for the two recalls.

Afternoon snack, PNB&J sandwich.

Home, traffic was slow and heavy and slow and stupid. Hit every red light, some of them two or three times because lights are not synchronized around here.

Delivered was one bottle of the drug I'm supposed to cut back on, and a pack of test strips. The tiny BP pills were just shipped today.

Denon sent me email on how to disable the center speaker, but when I tried it on the football game, it re-distributed that audio to the front speakers, which is not what I wanted. I have an audio switch & connectors on order, unfortunately nobody makes analog switch boxes with remote control. 6-foot cables cost less than 3-foot cables. Go figure.

Watched Lost Lives and the news. Then had another Zoe petting session. She has this adorable way of putting her front paws on my leg and pushing her face against mine. She likes beard rubs.

Dinner was another gourmet event. Sauteed red onions, garlic & mushrooms in olive oil and added fresh oregano, mint and Thai lime leaves. Poured that over a reheated turkey leg and added a side of quinoa. Mashed banana, walnuts and mango for dessert.

The Roomba started on schedule at 9 am, and cleaned for an hour and a quarter, then I lost track of it. At home, it was crying for help, it got caught between the sofa, coffee table and a stool. I set it down in the office and it cleaned for another half hour, when it ran out of battery about a foot from the charger. It's supposed to be smarter than that. It has done a good job, though, so I've set it to only clean on weekends. I am amazed at the places it gets to, and at the almost total lack of logic in choosing a direction.

Ran the dryer for a bit and pulled out the shirts, which are now spread out on the bed waiting to be hung up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Doctor call
Maybe home, maybe Siggraph meetup.

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