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Up on time, weighed myself and went back to bed to read for half an hour. AG called when I was in the shower. Spent some Zoe time, forgot to take a BP reading. Called AG back. At work sort of on time. The bananas were small, but there was vitamin water and eggs. No Kind bars.

Set to work on the project Boss gave me, and filed lots of bugs but it was a struggle because the content provider was having issues all around, with the content and with their bug reporting system. So some tests did not run, and others I will have to run again because I don't know if the failures were because of the hardware being tested or the connection to the content provider.

Doc called a few minutes late, we agreed I overdid the exercise and underdid the hydration on Sunday, but now I'm back to needing the meds and some exercise.

Phoned Sunnyvale Ford, and sure enough, they did not have the modem repair on the work list. We fixed that.

Lunch was a PNB&J on wheat, an orange and some coconut water. Halfway through a group of about a dozen, half very attractive women, invaded and stuck around longer than I did.

Back in the hole, the connection issues got worse, so I looked at the news sites I follow, and watched a couple of segments of Thailand's The Voice but was disappointed that all the singers were doing Isan style, which was like tuning into The Voice USA and hearing Appalachian music. Grating.

Usually online there is something worth sharing, but not today.

Headed home on time.

Another Zoe session. I re-mounted the guest room camera so it can see the whole room. Re-did the presets. Caught this camo cat shot later:

Fired up the Netflix on the TV, which is the only way I get full 4K HDR, and watched The Last Unicorn. Because so many friends suggested it. Turns out one big reason they suggested it, is it was written (I had not known this) by local sci-fi/filk guy Peter S. Beagle. I've seen him in person at cons many times. It was okay, has a star studded voice-over cast, the art work is very basic, semi-anime style.

Also watched the very long final episode of Below Deck which had a very sad tag from the captain about how the places the ship goes were all wiped out in this season's hurricanes. There's nothing on their web site about how the ship fared in the storms.

And watched PTI which was not surprised that the NFL extended Goodell's contract 5 years. Or that Eli Manning is back to being starting QB, but they think he will walk away from the Giants after the season is over.

Dinner was HC beef & broccoli steamer bowl. Tiny pieces of broccoli I can handle. It's when they look like plastic trees that I gag. Mango chunks and blueberries for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ford at 9 am
wait for the car there, in case they have questions during the repairs, and then walk to Starbucks across the street if there is more waiting to be done.
To work if the car is done before 2. Ping the boss if not. We may have a sync at 3:30

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