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Sunnyvale Ford Win-Win-Lose-Win

Up with the alarm, ready to go at 8, but needed to wait till closer to 8:45 to not be at the Ford dealership way before 9. Turned on the TV, and on Today, national television, was coverage of a Silicon Valley a capella contest/concert. They showed Google's group, which featured one of the women who was in Brigadoon with me as a supporting character a few years ago, and has since gone on to starring roles in local community theater. Serendipity doo dah.

No lunch cooler, because I expected to wait for the car, I brought my laptop and tablet and a sandwich just in case.

Checked in, the rep said it would be better to take the shuttle to work, and they would pick me up when the car was done. Okay.

Turns out that was a so-so idea because the car was done in an hour and a half. It took 20 minutes to get to work after a 20 minute wait for the shuttle, and another 45 for the shuttle to pick me up again. I got minimal work done. I also knew they had not fixed the modem in the car because my app was still showing data from October 3, the last time it was working.

Another 15 minutes waiting to get the car because everyone was at lunch, and when they pulled it out front I checked, and no modem detected. The lunchtime rep called in the tech who had worked on it, he said it had been ok after he worked on it, but obviously it wasn't anymore. So he took the car back into the shop, and had it fixed in an hour. Glad I'd brought my tablet, so I was able to read while I waited. Turned ou to be a defective modem. That's 3.

Drove back to work, got there around 1:30, ate the sandwich as I ran tests.

Lots of tedious tests, lots of bug reports.

Watched Zoe on the webcam, she mostly was hiding under the futon, but for about 10 minutes she was playing with the water fountain. Knocked the lid off and stuck her face into the water from the top. She also swatted the stream with her paws, and groomed herself. Too bad the cam doesn't do video.

4 pm, went to the other building and took a break. The break room was full of people using it as an office. I hate when that happens. Had to sit in a corner and try not to listen to two guys behind me and three women to my left conferencing.

Back to work, stayed late to make up for the car adventure.

Home, traffic was a lot lighter on the back roads, but still too heavy on 101 to join the caravan.

Watched the football game on Tivo. Brees blew it on the last play.

Visited Zoe a couple of times at breaks (aka hit the pause button) and she seems to have a thing for my Birkenstocks. She also got very affectionate the second visit, but I left when she started biting. It's play biting, but I don't want to encourage it.

Spook parked herself outside the guest room door. I wish she wouldn't. When I'm in the livingroom she's either on the floor near me or in the office doggie bed, where she is now.

Watched PTI. Dinner was a Saffron Road salmon steamer bowl. Weird. India spices on salmon, with that cheap broken India rice, a couple of water chestnut slices and a few sugar peas. Walnuts & blueberries for dessert. The original plan was mini watermelon, but it was on the table too long, and ended up sliced and into the disposal.

Delivered was the BP med I had run out of, and an audio switch box. Cables to hook it up due tomorrow. Not delivered again was a surprise Costco item from youngest sister.

Filled the three med containers. The center one is going away, to be replaced by small plastic envelope to bring to work. Doc moved my evening meds to lunchtime.

Plans for tomorrow:
Rig up the center speaker switch if the cables arrive
Watch The Orville and maybe Graham Norton
Zoe time


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