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Calendars are done

Up at 7:30 but just to pee & weigh myself, then back to bed till 9. And got sucked into the video vortex till almost 11.

The crock pot lamb was done, and it was kind of dry. Falling off the bone done, which made me angry because it was supposed to be semi-boneless. It had a full leg bone and an extra couple of knuckle bones. I hate paying for bones which should not be there.

Went outside to check for packages, and there was a fire truck & ambulance in front of the house two doors up the block. Resident is about my age & shape. The EMTs were inside for longer than my curiosity lasted. Next door neighbors also gave up and went for their usual morning walk. Along those lines, a couple of days ago I got my ambulance bill, due next week. $200 co-pay on a $2k bill. Itemized, everything is inflated, of course. $35 for a disposable blanket. $25 to take my temperature. $60 to measure blood oxygen.

Went to Lowe's ISO lilies of the Nile, but they had no lilies at all. I almost bought a flat of the ground cover with the pretty flowers which has done so well keeping the blackbirds away, but the two flats they had looked sick.

All the nearby Summer Winds have shut down, so I went to Yamagami's which had all the lilies. I bought 5 of the blue ones which thrive so well at work. YouTube experts say to plant them close together, which is what we have at work too. Home at 3:30, not enough time or light to plant them, so they are on the side of the carport.

Camped out on the PC to do the many steps of the calendar project. First was seeing which pix got votes on Flickr, and then on Facebook. That narrowed it down to about 30.

There was one of Spook which many people liked, but she was the cover a couple of years ago, and the photo was taken on my phone, a different aspect ratio than the calendar uses. My sisters only agreed on two photos, one was already on my "must" list, the other was not, but when I took it I thought it might be, so it's in there.

I finally narrowed it to 13 plus a cover photo, but after reviewing all the photos, I swapped a few and ended up setting aside two photos which got votes and I liked, for one with a better story. As usual, I had enough material to make 3 calendars. The cover took some Photoshopping, about three resizings to get the text inside the frame. I ended up with white space at the bottom rather than crop the right-hand side.

Each of the monthly photos was given a title and location. I didn't add full moons, the online app wouldn't take the graphic, and I can't remember the kludge from last year. I also didn't add any holidays which weren't already on the template. It is also a bother to add my web URL, but I think I have gold foil labels for that from last year.

If you want one when they arrive, shoot me email with your snailmail address. howeird at howeird dot com.
After the lamb was bagged and tossed into fridge/freezer, I added a bag of quinoa to the crock pot and set it for 4-hour high cooking. So dinner was lamb with a side of  quinoa stew. Pre-cut fruit for dessert.

Watched The Orville season finale. It sounds like they may be writing out the captain's hot blonde ex. A shame because she is a good actress and easy on the eyes, but it will put an end to some of Seth's needless angst.

 On the drive home, heard the end of the Army-Navy game. Navy did their 49ers imitation. At dinner I played the news, and they showed the blizzard the game was played in, I feel sorry for the Navy field goal kicker - his team let him down with stupid penalties.

I gathered the RCA cables and audio switch box and pulled out the center speaker to make an on-off switch. The box was overkill - all I needed was a single wire connected to an SPST switch. I found wire in the office closet and a switch in the kitchen island drawer. It only took a minute to hook up and works perfectly. Almost. It would be perfect if the switch was remote controllable, but I'm not seeing any online for less than $50. And most need to be plugged into A/C. Tomorrow I'll test it on a football game or two.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plant the lilies
Watch some football
1940's Radio Hour in San Jose

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