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Stood Up

The switch in meds timing meant for the first time in weeks I was able to sleep almost all night. Except for back pains waking me up at 3 am, I was out light a light until 9. The alarm & lights are at 9 instead of 7:30 on weekends, when I remember to change the settings on the radio. Lights are pre-set.

Before I even did anything, weight was down below 160 again, BP was "normal human" which is low for me. HGl was where it ought to be.

The Roomba started up at 9, it managed to pull a USB cable out of the wall and get it caught in the brushes. I had to rescue it. I put it in the bedroom to clean, and after it went into the bathroom I told Alexa to have it go to its docking station. The app said it was heading there, but after half an hour it died in front of the office.  
After a lot of procrastinating online, I got the shovel & rake from the shed, and carried the 5 containers of lilies out to the front garden. I had already pulled out two failed Thai basil plants and two other dead things I can't remember what they were. And weeded out the Bee's Friend plants which are coming up like weeds. This is year #3 of them coming back after going to seed.

Dug one huge hole almost centered left-right, 3/4 of the way back toward the house. Banged the encrusted dirt from the roots and threw each plant into the hole, covered up using rake & shovel. Watered well, then poured the fertilizer which had come with the paw paws over the lilies and also the three rose plants in the front garden. Watered some more. Instructions on YouTube say to not water them again for at least a week.

There are a lot of weeds by the shed, I pulled out the RoundUp and the third party sprayer, but the sprayer was broken, so I just dumped RoundUP on the weeds as needed, and threw away the sprayer.

Inside, watered the indoor plants. Watched the first half of the 49ers game with the center speaker switched off, but it didn't make a difference because Fox sends all the audio out all the surround sound channels. A pity, because those announcers were worse than usual. Not only yapping needlessly, but also not knowing how to use the etch-a-sketch tool. Making a circle on the ass of a player does not help, morons.

Halftime, it was time to head for Evergreen Valley College for the 1940's Radio Hour. The directions turned out to be accurate, but they didn't mention how long the drive is from the freeway, or that one needs to drive over a massive hill to get to the valley. About 3 miles in I fed the name to the car's GPS, and it let me know I was still a couple of miles away, but heading in the right direction.

The performing arts center is very new, and more than adequate for the huge turnout. I grabbed a seat in the center 3/4 of the way back. It was fine. The show, however, was not. The set design was a mess, the sign over the stage door with the name of the show-within-a-show was unreadable, white on pink. The first half hour (I timed it) was needless setup, performed chaotically. Things shaped up when the show within a show started, it was wall to wall singing and commercials from then on. It was a long time before the person I had come to see got a solo, but the rest of the cast was pretty good, except for the comedian, who was way over the top, and the errand boy, whose blocking was everywhere at once and on meth. At the end of the show he redeemed himself with an amazing tap routine, which came out of nowhere. There were no hints he wanted to be a dancer.

It did not help that my back twinged, not sciatica, some kind of muscle cramp. It took most of the show to stretch it out.

The show didn't come close to standing O quality, and thankfully did not get one. I have seen this show done better a couple of times.

After the show I was able to say hi to the entire cast except for the person I had come to see. She decided to hide backstage. After most of the cast had gone home, the director checked for me, she was still backstage. Her fiancé was also waiting. Half an hour after closing I was done waiting and left. Very disappointed.

Hours later she messaged me on FB that we didn't see each other. Duh. I don't do FB messenger, so no reply. Time to stop following her on FB and Instagram. Done.

Home. Plugged in the car (just the trip out used the whole battery).

BP is still low. Odd, since no diuretic today. And normal hydration.

Did a dishwasher load, took out the garbage & recycle. Not enough garden cuttings to wheel that bin out.

Watched the 49ers win their game, new QB was erratic, but blame his not very big O-line.

Dinner was some of the quinoa stew & the rest of the crab. The center part is my favorite. Spook enjoyed some bits after she overcame her human food anxiety.

Eating dessert now because Hgl feels low. Cut fruit, to be followed by coconut popsicle.

Added 2 FB friends to the calendar mailing list. Email from the printer estimates 12/19 delivery. People may actually get them before next year.

Played the Raiders game, this time the center switch worked as expected. No annoying commentary at all. But I fast forwarded from halftime to the end because the Raiders were losing badly. They came back toward the end, too little, too late.

Still on the Tivo is the night game, Ravens, and tomorrow with be MNF.

My two visits with Zoe today were disappointing. She wouldn't come up on the futon or my lap, she just stayed on the floor, wanting to be left alone.

Plans for tomorrow:
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