Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Got Lots Done

I think I've wrapped up Sekrit Projekt. Filed what I think is the last bug against the test TV, and got responses to all the bugs I filed against the test cases. I'll find out from Boss tomorrow, I have two more machines to test from last week, and three more were put on my plate this morning, and there's a huge-assed TV over at the big building which I will need to test over there.
Woke up at 7 am with blurry vision, Hgl was low enough to warrant a Klondike bar. Back to sleep for half an hour, did my morning stuff, and out the door at 8:45. Left voicemail for AG. Traffic was a mess in the right-hand lanes but pretty light in the commuter lane so I was at work on time. Grabbed a banana & egg & vitamin water & Kind bar.

Got word that my replacement server was available for pick-up from someone who obviously had not read the work ticket. Turns out nobody shared it with him, so I did. Later in the day the tech who had helped the first time messaged asking when I wanted it delivered, I said ASAP but after a few hours he responded "how about tomorrow afternoon?" OK, good enough. It has been a long wait.

As usual, I pulled up UPI, BBC, ABC, NBC and CBS and was furious that they all over-sensationalized the NYC bombing. Stupid amateur with a lame pipe bomb injures himself, and 4 others are hurt slightly. This happened in a mostly empty corridor underground, but since it was in the general vicinity of Times Square, all the media went into a panic. Idiots. CNN of course was the worst.

Lunch was tuna salad, grapes and they had wonderful Satsuma tangerines which I love because the peel comes right off. No eye candy. In fact, the opposite.

Back in the hole with some time on my hands, I plugged in the weight (7 oz) I thought the calendars would be, and went to USPS to figure out what postage I need. Canada is about 1/3 more than US, all the other foreign countries had a single price. UK, Israel, Sweden, Japan. I am fresh out of $5, $2 and only have about 4 $1 stamps, so I ordered enough to cover the international mailings. The domestic ones can be done with my vast hoard of Forever stamps. 5 each.

Traffic was a mess all the way home. Someone took in my garbage bins, I think someone on the park staff does this, he always puts the garbage where I want the recycle bin and vice versa.

Spent some Zoe time, but she mostly wanted to eat the calendar envelope I was holding. After she munched some of the wet food I brought.

Last night I had grabbed my string book from Astoria, and tonight I found the cooking articles I wrote. I plan to scan in the better ones and post them on FB. I already did one which was a similar cookie recipe I'd written in 1973 to one a cookbook writer friend had linked to last week. She was thrilled. The book is in horrible shape, lots of water damage from when I moved from Microsoft. The movers swore my load was going straight to CA, but they managed to wreck the van in the snow in Idaho, somehow. Some day I should re-glue everything. Not this week.

Procrastination over, I made a new Excel spreadsheet for the people who are getting calendars by mail, made a new mailmerge doc and printed labels. Somehow they came out right the first time. Next, gold foil labels with my name, email address and flickr URL to slap on the back of each one because the printer won't put extra text on the back. And then return address sized "first class" labels, because USPS wants those.

Took a 2017 calendar and an envelope and weighed them, about 5.6 oz which USPS rounds up to 6. Not 7 as I thought, so one more time getting the prices, and it will only take 4 forever stamps + a 10¢ stamp for domestic. So I ordered 30 10¢ stamps. I won't need the $1 stamps for this run, except for Canada. Just 5's and 2's for overseas. And then I counted the envelopes, and needed to order another box. 

And then I saw a note that there were two people to add to the list, so printed labels for them at the bottom of the second page of labels. It's all good.

 Dinner was lamb with quinoa stew on the side, and watermelon.  Watched the last quarter of the Patriots losing to Miami, that was a shocker. The center speaker switch worked like a charm - not a peep from the annoying announcers. Without audio those contract moments** where they show the two of them chatting in the booth are even more ridiculous.

 Also watched Long Lost Family which was emo central this time. So much crying. I seriously do not understand tears of joy. When I'm happy I laugh. Or at least smile. I cry for sad memories & regrets, and some show tunes.

**It's in their contracts. They get paid less if they are not on-screen talent.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finally get a usable linux server.
Boss may come down for sync at about the same time
Home. Maybe make my famous whiskey orange salmon. There is a whole frozen fillet which has been in the freezer too long.

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