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Mister Eclectic

A day of juggling

Morning was all out of sync, up at 6:30 to pee, then back to bed for an hour, had some stuff to do on the tablet before getting out of bed. AG called at 8 which is way early for him, and I let it go to voicemail.

Finally out of the house at 8:45, took a while to get to the commuter lane, but once there it was a fast trip except for the battle to get to my exit.

Grabbed breakfast from a busy room full of people grab-and-going, and half the tables with laptops deployed, the other half with cereal bowls in process. On my way out, ran into one of the engineers, and told him I'd filed a big bug. Soon after I got to the hole, B, who has become the James Bond unit engineer, came by and took a look, then took the machine to his desk to work on it.

That let me start work on a tiny STB, which just needed a simple smoke test. Which takes most of the day. B was back and forth twice with James Bond, but didn't have it working till I was ready to leave for the day. Smoke test will be done in the morning, then I will fire up James Bond's Sekrit Projekt tests. Hope it passes. If not, on to another larger STB.

Early in the day I heard the news that SF mayor Ed Lee had died. All the media were copying the wire story headline "died suddenly" which used to be journalism code for "committed suicide". He didn't. Looks like a heart attack. It wasn't all that sudden, his family was around him in the hospital at 1 am when he passed away.

Stand-in tech showed up at the front door with the replacement Linux server at about 11. He was surprised when I showed him the door he had not tried was open. It also didn't win any points with me that he didn't try both doors.

And he also was unprepared for the drive swap. The servers are modular, and the new server's drive bays are hot swappable while the old server's was not. It's pretty standard to just unmount the old drive from its bay and mount it in the new bay, but he didn't have that clue. And he didn't have a SATA cable to work around it. The original tech will be back tomorrow with a cable. The good news is the machine boots up, and I was able to use it, but most of my data is on the old machine, along with some apps which are a PIA to install.

And I don't have su access. It does not like my new password. I'll have to have tech fix that.

I thought I had SATA cables at home, but they were recycled a while ago, the ones I didn't need for the PC. Should have stopped off at Fry's just in case. Stand in was also puzzled by the old machine's SSD, which I'm sure is the boot drive. That's so standard it hurts. It's how I have my home PC set up. SSD to boot, big RPM drives for data.

Boss spaced out and missed sync, rescheduled for tomorrow.

Home, traffic was ugly. One driver wedged into my lane 2 cars ahead of me, blocking two lanes. My lane doesn't get the green light until a couple of minutes after the lane he was wedged in from, and that made a lot of drivers pretty mad, because the next lane over was bumper to bumper. That kind of crap happened all the way home.

Stopped off at Grocery Outlet and bought oranges for tonight and mushrooms for soon, and a small container of egg nog, and a can of whipped cream for Zoe.
Had some quality time with Zoe, she liked the whipped cream at first, then decided "no more".

Spook is being weird, spent a lot of the evening under the hallway runner, where she is now.

My home PC is making rude noises. The rear fan needs attention. To-do for the weekend. Also need to clear off a work space for the calendar project. Everything on order has shipped except the calendars. I can prep envelopes that I have now, for US friends.

Watched the Sunday night football game, the switch worked great. Chris Collinsworth's voice is so very annoying. There were so many cut-aways in between plays for stupid graphics and needless trivia, and a lot of crying about a player who is in the hospital. Audio from the booth would have made that unbearable.

For dinner I defrosted a whole salmon fillet, half a salmon full length. Sliced a couple of oranges, piled them on top and baked for 25 minutes. Hard to tell when salmon is done, it's pink regardless. I overcooked it a little, it was pretty dry, and very little of the orange flavor leaked in. Quinoa stew on the side, of course. Mandarins for dessert. Then walnuts with a drizzle of honey.

Bagged the rest of the salmon, it will make a nice puree, salmon salad similar to tuna salad. But for now it's in the freezer.
PC magically turned off. I may have hit the switch, but I don't think so. Luckily my LJ editor auto-saves.
Plans for tomorrow:
Work and all that it entails

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