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Neck Unbottled

I'm blaming the new med schedule - another 6 am wake-up, unable to get to sleep again quickly, surprised by the 7:30 alarm. Made a slight change in my morning routine for practical purposes. My fancy BT weight watcher's scale not only gives my weight, but also % of fat, water, bone, muscle and my BMI number. But there's a catch. First thing in the morning my feet are too dry to make good enough contact for anything except my weight. So this morning I took my shower first and got all the numbers. I'm below 260 again. so "soaking wet" was not an issue.

Got to work about the usual time, there were bananas and eggs and satsumas but no vitamin water so I got a caffeine free diet coke instead. And a Kind bar.

Over at the hole, wrapped up the test from yesterday, unpluged that little STB and re-connected James bond and re-ran the Sekrit Projekt tests on it. It still failed most of them. That meant I could set aside the Sekrit Projekt and get back to fulfilling the assignments on my task sheet. There are 5 of them at least.

Tech support came in with a SATA data cable (I had one too) and added the hard drive from my broken machine to the new one. Lots of corporate password juggling was involved, because drives are encrypted. I had to re-learn how to install Ubuntu software apps, and set the $PATH. It used to be command line, now it's in a text file.

Now that the linux server is up and running, after some copying files and re-installing Google's open sores adb program, I started running the GTS automation suite on James Bond. It takes almost 4 hours, and plays a lot of stupid video clips 10 or 20 times. To stay sane I mostly keep the sound muted. It's automated testing, I really don't have to pay attention until the end, but I do.

Lunch was tuna salad sandwich and satsumas, and 4 fudge mint cookies. Lots of visitors hanging out, mostly _ next door types.

Back to the hole, email passing from London to MV for me to test a unit I didn't have. It had been on my desk in 42 several months ago, but was adopted by one of the managers. Boss finally found one and brought it down when she came for sync. It has ancient firmware, the plan is to leave it on overnight and maybe it will magically update. Many of the London units work that way. Meanwhile, Boss had me run GTS again on James Bond to see if it failed more or fewer tests a second time around.
Manicure after work, re-silvered the nails. Then next door to Safeway, they did not have Satsumas, but they had lemonade-ish vitamin water, and turkey legs, and prawns.

Home, Spook decided she wanted to be wrapped under the hallway runner while I was watching TV. That's sick, so now there's a 10-lb weight on the end of the runner. She has moved to the office doggie bed where she belongs. Grudgingly. I spent some quality time with Zoe till I needed to leave to refill her kibble tower & wet food dish. Once those were in place she had no time for me.

Quick-defrosted about 1/3 of the shrimp, put a pot of water on to boil with several spices and some olive oil, dumped in macaroni for 6 minutes, peeled the shrimp and dumped them in for the last 5 minutes. The pasta could have used another minute but the shrimp was perfecto.

Watched PTI while it was cooking, and being eaten. Dessert was cut cantaloupe. Watched the news. Saving Graham Norton for later.

Delivered was the box of calendar envelopes. Cleared some space on the office table, but will need to relocate a lot of junk to under the table. Plan to make a start Saturday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe open the PC and check out the noisy fan.

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