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Got a headache at work trying to deal with task priorities. James Bond needs to wait till EOD tomorrow to run its next suite of tests (takes about 40 hours) and it's disconnected but taking up my main desk space. Next on my list, to my left plugged into a different monitor is yet another box from London, the firmware needs to be updated, but London didn't send the right instructions, and after they did, it didn't work. Where I left it, it looks like maybe this particular box can't be updated. Boss may have another one up in 42. With luck she'll bring it tomorrow.

Tried to update the next box on my list, but it bricked because, once again, wrong instructions. Two Ibuprofen later, I was able to update a 3rd box, the big brother of the 2nd, and started running an abbreviated smoke test. During YouTube testing, there was a live feed of Omarosa Manigault being interviewed by that former NFL star turned daytime host. Completely changed my mind about her. In addition to being a drop-dead gorgeous woman who leads with her formidable bust, she's seriously intelligent, articulate and the consummate politician.

Another weird sleep night. You know how sometimes you have a dream which covers years of time, and wake up to find it was less than an hour? Three or four times last night. And I can't remember any of them.

Did the shower-first thing again, and weighed <160 again.

Hgl was 105, which is great. Did not take my BP, spent time with Zoe instead. She has decided she likes to curl up on the floor against my Birkenstocks. When she takes a bite, I leave. Spook was sitting outside the door when I left Zoe's room. I really want to give Zoe full run of the house soon, but Spook looks to still be in bully mode.

Out to the car, all the windows and the hatchback were open and the car was unlocked. Freaked me out because this is the third time it has done this. But only in the carport, never away from home. Did some research and found out that the car has this "feature" designed to ventilate it on hot summer days - a simple series of key presses on the keyless entry remote will unlock the doors and open all the windows. But I could not get it to pop open the hatchback. And sadly, there is no reversal key series, one has to go into the car, start the engine, and manually close all the windows.

So I must have butt dialed it.

Apparently a trip to the service department can disable this "feature", but it's not worth it.

Got to work on time, all the breakfast things were there.

To the hole, then lunch was a PNB&J sandwich and tangerines.

Home, traffic was much heavier than usual. And when I got to the street I need to turn left on to get under the freeway and to the IFH, that street was closed. Made me mad because the sign said they would be done with this project 12/8/17. So I took the next left, which got me onto way overcrowded 237. That all added 15 minutes to the commute.

Delivered was a replacement pump for Zoe's water fountain. The previous replacement was way too loud, and the wrong design. This one was also a wrong design, but I modified it to fit, and it is a lot quieter. Zoe was very curious about the whole operation. After that was done I went out again, filled up a pitcher to refill the fountain and also washed and put new food in her wet food bowl.

Fired up the football game on Tivo, this time the off switch worked. No annoying announcers. Not much of a game until Denver's QB was injured and the guy who had originally been brought in to replace Peyton came in to sub.

Another Zoe session, then some time playing ball with Spook, who then managed to dive under the runner despite the 10-lb weight.

Also delivered was all the postage needed for overseas calendars. I cleared off the office table and everything is set up for that. Thanks to a Facebook post from my philatelic cousin in NYC, I am informed that Forever stamps are now allowed for overseas postage too. But it would take too many.

Today my ambulance bill was due, so I went online and paid it. Some outfit in Ohio.

Dinner was turkey leg and cooked veggies from something I made back in March. I love my freezer. Watermelon and cantaloupe for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Time sheet
Label & stamp some envelopes


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