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I was going to do it on Sunday, but OCD set in and I labeled and stamped all the Canadian and overseas calendar envelopes, then switched gears and did about 2/3 of the domestic ones until it was time to nuke dinner (beef merlot steamer bowl) and watch two episodes of PTI. They cheated me out of today's episode, putting in its place an old speech from a guy dying of cancer who was raising money for his cancer research organization. It was a forceful, entertaining speech, and unfortunately he did not live more than a couple of months more. v.org if you want more info.

Then I went back to work and finished all the envelopes. The overseas ones were easy, I just needed to add USA below the return address labels, slap on two stamps (one actually needed to be licked - I used a sponge) and a First Class label. Canada needed four stamps, after the dollar increments I had 32 cent Hawaiian shirt stamps and then a 1 cent stamp to make it $3.33. There were only 2 of those. Then the domestic ones, which all started with a 10-cent stamp then 4 forever stamps (49 cents until next year). There is one envelope which will be delivered in person, and probably two more going to basfa the first Monday after New Year. And one for Boss, also after New Year.

UPS tracking expects the calendars will arrive 12/19, just in time to mail them during the late Xmas rush. Some of them may actually get to their destinations before 1/1/18.
Slept well, a little befuddled waking up just before the alarm. Gave Spook treats which she ignored. Spent some time with Zoe, then off to work. Called AG, bluetooth disconnected right as we were wrapping things up. I think I'll take the phone to Verizon to get it checked. The AT&T phone never did that. Same make & model.

Picked up Breakfast in the hole, Continued the testing I had been doing yesterday, then was interrupted by Boss making a big TV in 42 a priority, but while she was doing that the manager for that TV said he would bring it down to me so I could multi-task. He hung around and interfered a lot, but finally left for a meeting. He came back when I reported some show stoppers, and finally he had me do a factory reset, which cleared up some major issues. Meanwhile I'm getting nagging messages from the manager whose project I had put on hold. And the guy in London asking for an update. Boss did not show up for sync, I'll have to talk with her on Monday to tell the other managers that I can't test and answer their nagging at the same time.

Wrapped up the big TV testing, manager left 15 minutes before my go-home time. That let me set up an over the weekend test on James Bond.

Pit stop across the street, took long enough for traffic to be lighter, also because it's Friday.

Spent some time with Spook and then with Zoe, who seemed startled at first, then came around to my left side and cuddled for a while. She abandoned me for the kibble dish, my exit cue.

Still need to clean the Roomba and find a better location for its dock.

Plans for tomorrow:
Morning TBA, but watering the indoor plants and the front garden are on the list.
Major photo shoot in Santa Clara at 2:30
Process photos when I get home

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