Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Time wasted, time well spent

Breakfast was a pair of slices of cinnamon raisin bread. Oh, how I miss salty margarine.

10:15, off to Verizon, 15-minute ride then half an hour in the parking lot waiting for them to open. 11 on the dot I was at the door, only to find a wait for help, and six people ahead of me. WTF?

Newbie helper said he had not heard of the bluetooth issue before, though it is all over the Samsung web site. Brought him out to the car to show him, but of course it worked fine. The problem is after 15-20 minutes into a call, but he got the idea and ordered a warranty replacement. The latest update had fixed 90% of the problem, we're guessing the other 10% is hardware.

Not a bad guess from what I have seen testing BT at work.

Too early to go to the photo shoot, which was in the same city, so home, lunch, watched TV, facebooked, spent some time with Zoe, who wanted to eat my foot. I'm thinking tomorrow I may try her in the house again. Also need to change her litterbox cartridge.
2 pm, took the back way to the photo shoot, had to invoke GPS when it was clear I had overshot. Got there with 10 minutes to spare.

Model Laura had already done a shoot in the morning, and we got to start with her second costume/makeup change. I though the dress and makeup was too dark, but I still took plenty of shots. Halftime she changed into white base makeup with artwork, and donned a gorgeous lace Victorian dress. I liked that a lot more. Final round was topless, in boring black panties. Not thrilled with that round either. But all in all it was a frenetic session, two women and 5 men photographers taking timed turns.

Round Two

Home at about 5, downloaded the photos, deleted out of focus ones, then some Zoe time until she tried to eat my toe. Roombah had run during the day, and was choked by a small plastic bag. Second time around it died before it got back to its dock. Third time it did better, docking before it died.

Dumped the wheat grass which Spook couldn't bring herself to eat and planted oats, allegedly grown and harvested by cat lovers. That will take 4-5 days.

Watched the news, FFed past all the fire stuff, all the holiday stuff and all the weather. Probably 10 minutes if actual news in the hour. Also watched Graham Norton, guests included Pink and Elton John. 

Watched some of the lone college football game. Murfreesboro vs someone else. Ducks had already lost their game to Boise.

Dinner was lamb and veggies reheated. Half of the lamb went back into the freezer. Egg cream for dessert.

Finally listed the AT&T phone on eBay.

Morning Hgl was 55, it took two Klondike bars to bring it up. I shot up too much high-test before dinner last night. Gained a pond too.

Plans for tomorrow:
Swiffer the kitchen floor
Do laundry
relax - I feel a fever coming on
Football on Tivo

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