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Mister Eclectic

100° fever, night sweats, lather rinse repeat

It was a busy day yesterday, went to bed at about 9 pm with a fever, my face was very hot. Took 2 aspirin, that helped. Wore a T-shirt to bed, something I rarely do, woke up at about 1 am, T-shirt soaked, sheets too, pillowcases too. But no more fever. Took off the T-shirt and donated it to the floor. Spook liked that, she sat on it.

Into the recliner, watched some TV, drank some mint tea and then went back to bed.

Spook woke me up at almost 10 am, on the bed yelling at me.

I had nothing on the calendar except laundry & cooking, so no big deal.

Roomba had fired up at 9. It makes a lot of noise bumping into things. I had to rescue it a couple of times, it got lost. Previously it only called for help when it was stuck, this time it just forgot where it was.

About the Roomba:
The good: the whole house gets vacuumed. The place looks a lot better now.

The bad:
1. it doesn't follow a logical path. I expected something like the way I used to mow the lawn: Mow a row, turn around, mow the next parallel row.
2. It is very noisy.
3. It rarely returns to its dock before running out of juice. It will sit and yell "charge me" or something like that
4. The very small dirt receptacle needs to be emptied after each run
5. The brushes get clogged quickly the first few runs in a cat-occupied home
6. It grabs wires and hauls them around. It has unplugged 3 USB chargers
7. If you want it to stay out of rooms which don't have doors to close, they have "border guard" devices for $80 a pair. It comes with one.
IMHO the good outweighs the bad

Did three loads of laundry. They are on my bed waiting to be put away.

Processed most of the photos from yesterday's shoot. Did not do anything with the NSFW images, they are not going online.

There are 5 sets on flickr:
Pink portraits - she was wearing a pink dress & hair, shot with my 85mm portrait lens

Pink dress - same outfit, this time shot with my 28-300 zoom, mostly full length

White dress - beautiful Victorian lace dress, shot with my 28-300 zoom, mostly full length

White dress portraits - same dress, but mostly close-ups shot with my 85 mm lens

Shadow lighting - Topless, but safe for work - mostly close ups shot with the zoom lens, lights were set for dramatic shadows

Roasted 6 turkey legs and two thighs. Three legs and the thighs were in a simple setup with oranges and Chateau St. Jean Fume Blanc. The other three legs were in a little wine but mostly water with onions, garlic and fungus. They all came out great, dinner was a sandwich with turkey thigh & miracle whip on Oat Nut bread. Walnuts, honey & blueberries for dessert and a coconut popsicle chaser.

Watched the 49ers pull off a miracle win. The QB is so handsome the press are calling him Jimmy GQ.

The Raiders game is on in the livingroom. The center speaker switch works for the Raiders game, but Fox routes the announcers to all the front speakers, so not so good for the 49ers game.

For lunch I broke out one of the high sodium frozen lunches and only ate 2/3.

Took out the garbage & recycles. Next week we are on Tuesday pickups for 2 weeks.

Some progress with Zoe. I left the door to her room open, Spook came in, but I didn't let her come in too far. She was cautious, curious. Zoe hid under the futon and then came out and sat on the chair next to it as I petted her. I will try more of this in the future.

Plans for tomorrow:

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