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Night time trauma, daytime Unexpected Good Luck

Last night was the recurring dream from hell. "Based on a true story", I am testing something electronic, and as I continue to test, it morphs into a series of odd shapes, finally becoming a white octagon. 3D. Kind of like a Dyson sphere only fewer sides. There is something familiar about this final shape but I can't put my finger on it until I wake up. Then I forget. Potty break, then back to sleep, same dream. Three times.

Finally switched Sonos speakers from an ambient sleep channel to a talk station. KSRO was not responding, which is sad because Sunday nights they do Coast to coast AM which is sometimes fascinating and sometimes sleep-inducing. Saturday night they actually had a program where Art Bell was the host. Must have been from the archives, Art went underground years ago.

Told Google Home to tell me the news, which rattles through about 6 newscasts, then tuned Sonos to the local sports station, KNBR. That helped. No more octagon dreams.

Up with the alarm, with the help of Spook, took me a while to get motivated. But I was out the door early, and at work early enough to have to wait for the break room staff to put out the bananas.

Into the hole, the over the weekend test on the James Bond machine had stalled out. It should have completed in about 40hours, it was stuck at 63. I had to bail out of it, which is a shame because that way I get no test results at all.

Watching the webcams, I saw Zoe unplug her litterbox. She is fascinated with wires.

Buttoned up James, and hooked up the machine which was interrupted Friday, completing testing on it about lunch time, give or take. Tuna salad sandwich for lunch, tangerine and trail mix for dessert.

Back to the hole, swapped out the unit I had just finished work on and fired up the one from London which the manager there was bugging me about before Boss even knew where the device was. Finished all but one test by the end of the day.

Manager from Friday's emergency testing messaged that engineers from that machine's company might visit to troubleshoot, but they didn't. Maybe tomorrow. I love when mfg engineers visit.

UPS messaged me that the calendars had been delivered - a day early! Unexpected good luck.

Email from a rep of the contract company, wanting to explain the merger which took place almost a year ago, and also check to see how I'm doing. I replied with my phone number and "call any time during work hours". This is the first contact I've had since my rep left in early September.

Traffic was lighter than usual on the way home, holidays have started, I guess.

Home, very heavy box on the carport steps.

Two step process - slapped a gold © label on the back of the first 60. Because I only had printed 60 of them and that's almost twice as many as are being mailed/handed out. Next step, stuff and seal. I use the self-adhesive envelopes, so just had to rip off the wax paper and seal. It all took about an hour, maybe less.

Dinner was a teriyaki beef steamer bowl and a coconut popsicle. Watched the end of MNF (I had forgotten to set it to record, but it was not a game I was much interested in).

Zoe time, I plugged the litterbox back in and pushed the "go" button. She had gone at least twice. When it's plugged in, a sensor starts a timer and 20 minutes later the rake comes across.

I opened the door to the room and let Spook come in - she hides on the bottom shelf right by the door. Zoe came out, but Spook rushed at her and Zoe dove under the futon. Sigh. Zoe isn't getting enough exercise, I need to lock Spook in the bedroom and let Zoe out for a while. Probably next weekend.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post office, slide all the calendars into the lobby mail slot(s)
Finish one unit, start another.
If boss is on site, give her a calendar. She's scheduled for a sync, but I can't remember if she was WFH this week or if that was starting next week.

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