Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Long Night's Journey Into Day

Better sleep, forgettable dreams, up at 7:20, used that to get to the PO early and slide calendars, 5 envelopes at a time, more or less, into the pull down the cover, release, repeat slot. Three people were in line for the office, but pre-stamped saves a lot of waiting.

After PO, the model from the weekend sent her snailmail address. One day won't make a diff.

To work, the break room had bananas and eggs, and vitamin water but that was it. Only the stocker person was there.

Wrapped up yesterday's test, then had a brainwave to try another way to test screen saver, which worked, so I had to revise the spreadsheet. Boss tells me screen saver is optional, so the test is merely informational.

Moved on to the next box, but it took way longer than it should have because manager had provided a faulty update script. I emailed asking for help, but got no answer, so I fixed it myself. Sort of.

Lunch was PNB&J on oatnut. Had the room to myself the whole time. Freaky.

Janice emailed, coffee chat Saturday.

Boss came down for sync, and was like a kid in a candy shop when I gave her a calendar. She loved the last one, it was very early in my contract. And then I asked her about a small world thing I saw on Facebook. Turns out the really fun tenor who starred in El Capitan is in our group, albeit at a different project, and his almost always empty official desk is right upstairs from my almost always empty official desk. Boss was surprised at the operetta connection, though she knew he had been in Les Mis.

As I type, KCEA is playing a jazz version of Peter and the Wolf. Just no. Even if it is Benny Goodman.

Home, back roads were light until the IFH, which was crowded with Google tour buses.

Delivered was a box I thought was the roomba spare parts, but it was the replacement phone. Between Verizon's and Samsung's data transfer programs it was hours before the new phone was functional. All the phone companies need to seriously redesign their SD card/SIM holder to be more 3D. It took way too many tries and floor dives to swap.

And then there is the challenge of logging in, because the backup/restore doesn't include login info. That needs to be fixed.

My email app mostly remembers its settings, just need to enter the email address & password. LinkedIn was automagic, so was Facebook.

For dinner I sawed the meat off one of the turkey thighs, cut it up, put about half on a pair of sourdough slices, and dumped a cup of mixed thawed veggies on top. Walnuts, honey & blueberries for dessert.

As I was online, UPS messaged that the roomba parts had arrived, so I replaced the edge whisker brush, the two main brushes and the filter. Much dirt was transferred to the garbage.

Printed a label for the model's calendar and slapped it on the already prepared envelope. Factory reset the Bad Phone™ and boxed it up to return. It arrived by USPS but goes back by UPS.

Spent some Zoe time, she would rather eat my sandals than sit on the futon next to me, or on my lap. I did get her to curl up on my chest when I leaned way back. So far the duct tape is working and the litterbox is plugged in.

After much work with Customer Help a couple of weeks ago, Kaiser once again sent me a bill they should not have. I'll have to raise some more heck.

And my cough continues. Grrrr

Plans for tomorrow:
Home, relax

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