Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Grinding Away

Finished two smoke tests today. One was faster because it didn't support the full range of video formats.

Was feeling lazy this morning, didn't get up & out early. Break room was empty except for the person setting out stuff. Huge pile of bananas, half bruised and almost too ripe, the other half kind of green. Pears and oranges don't look ripe. I miss the good old days when fruit was ripe when it was put on sale. Pears should not feel like baseballs.

Lunch was PNB&J sandwich, and a tangerine.

Stayed a little late to make up for being a little late, and because annoying manager messaged that there was an upgrade downloadable over the air on the TV he helped me test. There wasn't. He has a close to perfect track record of sending projects my way which are not ready.

UPS downtown MV was open till 7, so I took Shoreline all the way downtown and dropped off the bad phone, and there was a USPS box on the corner so I mailed the model's calendar.

And then to Grocery Outlet to buy all the things I will need next week because Google food services is shut down. Scored some delicious Russian Rye bread. and decided to add salad to my menu - they had spring mix on special.

Home, put stuff away, gave Spook treats, spent a lot of time with Zoe, me lying on the futon, eventually she climbed on board.

Lovely card from long time director/artist friend for the generic holidays, which I don't care about. Pretty card, though.

Need to buy shoes. Turns out the shoes I have been flopping around in are a full size too big.

Looked up recipes for Italian dressing, made a simple oil & balsamic vinegar mix with some garlic & Italian seasoning.  Salad appetizer, Turkey bits on rye for dinner. Egg nog for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:

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