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Face on Fire

Three days in  row coming back from work with my face on fire. Chicken soup & matzo balls for dinner, Zoe time (she unplugged the littlerbox again) then to bed.

Up at 10:30, applied Nyquil. and will be back to bed soon.
Morning showers felt surreal, but felt fine after.

Very light traffic, got to work in 10 minutes.

10:30, AG phoned, he wanted me to explain Hanukkah to his son. Not much to explain, it's a minor event which Marketing blew up to give the pagans something to go with winter solstice. Winter is not much of a thing in Israel.

Tuesday and Thursday Boss come over for sync. Word is my lab stays but my official desk and the rest of the team is moving down the block.

Wednesday the Chinese engineers told me they were gone for the rest of the week, but they weren't.

Got some smoke tests done Tues-Thurs, but today was spent watching the new season of The Magicians. Video quality was not acceptable.

Paused that for a 30-min call from a long time Seattle friend, who called to thank me for the calendar and tell me about their upcoming move. I forgot to ask about their rescue greyhound.

Got notes on GB and LJ that calendars were received locally, LA, Seattle, NYC

My $PATH disappeared again, a long chat with tech support got me the code to fix that.  So EOD I was able to start running the 40-hour test.

Lunch was PNB&J and vitamin water. Trail mix did not work for dessert.

Home, very light traffic.

Delivered was a pair of shoes from Zappos, which I'll open and wear around the house tomorrow. And a newsletter card from a long time friend in MD which was super-Jesusy. The things one does for the wife to keep the kids in line.

Face still on fire, I'm out of bed and hydrating, after some Nyquil.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depending on how I feel at 10 am, may drop off calendars at the photo studio
5 pm Starbucks in SVale with Janice (she gets her calendar hand-delivered)
Lock Spook in the bedroom and let Zoe out for the run of the house

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