Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird fish dream channel

Woke up at about 3:30 am in a total panic. I knew I was going to have to clean up the mess, and pay thousands of dollars for a collection of exotic fish I had ordered from some educational supply house.

The dream starts with me opening a series of plastic sleeves, each one stapled shut on top with a paper tag describing the fish inside. The fish were alive. They were mostly the size of a large trout. I dumped each fish into a bucket on the kitchen floor, and threw away the sleeves. I was tired and not feeling too well so I went to bed, expecting to put the fish in the bathtub when I woke up.

But I woke up suddenly to a mess - there were dead fish all over the place - the bathroom, the cat's water tower, the kitchen floor.

They were all dead.

Total panic, because the agreement with the supplier said I would owe full retail price if the fish were not returned alive & well.

Woke up in a total panic, it took a few minutes to realize I have been dreaming. There were no fish.

However, my comforter, pillows and mattress were soaked.

Rotated the wet things so I could get back to sleep, but when I finally got out of bed around 10, I stripped the bed,  the comforter is in the wash, to be followed by sheets/pillowcases and MyPillow™. Took a well needed shower, and weighed myself. 256.3lbs. Down 2 lbs from yesterday. Mostly in sweat, I bet. Turned the ceiling fan on medium, hopefully the mattress will dry out.
Tags: dream weirdness

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