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A Very annoying day

Finally woke up around 10:30. Everything was soaked. My face was on fire, 102º temp. Dayquil helped, but it took an hour or more.

Stripped the bed, and one batch at a time washed the comforter, the sheets/pillowcases, MyPillow and my fuzzy calico cat pillow, finally my heavy robe. Turned on the ceiling fan up a notch to dry out the mattress. That took a few hours.

Got dressed. T-shirt and jeans, Royal socks from my UK cousins from some stately house gift shop. Tried on the new smaller shoes. They fit okay, I knew if I just kept them on without doing  lot of walking they would adjust (memory foam soles).

Spent a short time on LJ and FB, I may have had breakfast, but probably not because it was now after noon. Beef & broccoli steamer for lunch. Did take my morning meds, but not the afternoon ones because I was though leakng.

There were college football games to watch.

At about 3, messaged Janice that I was not showing up at 5. No response. odd. Finally after 6 she got around the messaging that she had left her phone at home.

Didn't feel hungry enough for dinner, but did take my evening meds, except insulin.

Watched a couple of episodes of The Magicians on Netflix. I should probably stop, they have been jumping sharks a lot.

Collected all the things from the laundry. made the bed with different microfiber sheets, & pillowcases. Spook "helped"

Stumbled out to the mailbox, the rent bill was there, and a calendar envelope with all the stamps crossed out and no address label. Probably fell off because I put the stamps on after the address label. Though I could have missed one. I didn't number the envelopes. All  can tell from the stamps is it was for someone in the USA who would appreciate sci fi.


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