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The time stamp said 10:35, but I thought it was earlier. As I was typing my body was hit with shakes and convulsions so severe I could no longer type or do much else but panic. I've had these episodes a couple of times before with this cold, and it is accompanied by high temperature, chills and loss of balance. From the episode day before yesterday, I learned that Nyquil and getting under the covers in bed is a good start.

Shut down the PC, stumbled to the kitchen, somehow wrestled the cap off the Nyquil,  somehow poured a capful and drank it.
CSI Furball Hall

Woke up around 4 am feeling okay, but annoyed that the ceiling fan was running. My t-shirt was soaked, I was still wearing underpants and socks, not feeling up to doing anything about any of that.

6 am, Spook jumped onto the bed, let me pet her head, but what she really wanted was treats.

8:11 am, got a round tuit. Took off underpants, t-shirt & socks, threw T-shirt into laundry basket, socks & underpants into hamper.

Pit stop, picked my lightweight robe off the floor and hung it on the door hook. Collected my cell phone from the side table next to the toilet.

Turned off the ceiling fan. Pugged in the phone. 

Put on my Birkenstocks which were by the socks drawer, across the room from the bed where they usually land.

Wove my way to the kitchen, wanting some iced soda water, but shortstopped by the livingroom tray table where there was a soadstream bottle with some orange soda left in it, and an empty glass.

Put the bottle in the fridge, and the glass in the sink. Took out a fresh glass, added some ice, and some soda water.

HGl was 198, no big surprise, shot up 140 units of regular.

Took my morning meds, after tossing some treats on the floor for Spook. She does this thing where she rubs against my legs n her way to where the treats are expected.

And here I am, planing on spending as much of the day as possible in bed.

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